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Chris Evans scandalizes social media after sharing an unidentified nude photo on his Instagram Story


Chris Evans quickly became a topic of discussion on Twitter and other social media platforms after he accidentally shared a photo of a penis during an innocuous game on Instagram.

The 39-year-old Avengers: Endgame star shared a short video to his Instagram Stories on Saturday of himself and some friends playing Heads Up.

But at the end of the video, a shot of the actor’s phone camera roll came up, which featured a close-up photo of a penis.

Whoops! Chris Evans, 39, shocked social media users on Saturday after he accidentally shared a picture of a penis to Instagram in the middle of a PG-rated game with friends; shown in November 2019

The picture didn’t leave anything to the imagination, but it was cropped too closely to have any identifying features.

Another image in the photo grid featured a headshot of the Avengers star with the words ‘Guard That P***y’ superimposed. 

Evans quickly became the subject of hundreds of thousands of tweets about the shocking photo. 

Most posts took a light-hearted approach to the accidental disclosure, with some gushing about the actor’s potential anatomy.

Missed it: Evans shared a video of a game of Heads Up with friends to his Insta Stories, but a final shot of his camera roll revealed a picture of a penis; still from Captain America: First Avenger

Quick to action: It wasn’t clear if the member belonged to Evans or someone else, but that didn’t stop Twitter users from poking fun at the accidental disclosure

In the flesh: One person joked that they only wanted to see the penis if Evans showed it to them himself

Digging it: Others sounded excited at the prospect of the photo

One Twitter user joked, ‘Chris Evans seeing the response online..’ and paired the caption with a gif of his Knives Out character saying, ‘We gotta do this more often!’

Another person wrote, ‘I don’t wanna see Chris Evans’ ding a ling unless he is showing it to me in person. Okkk?’

The verified user Ines Helene shared a lustier post.

‘Chris Evans leaking his own nudes is my favourite thing ever. Okay daddy we see you [big eyes emoji],’ she wrote, before following it up with, ‘I’ll never snitch on daddy.’

Security: The actor also had a headshot with the words ‘Guard That P***y’ superimposed, which elicited humorous tweets

Own worst enemy: Another poster joked about how Chris couldn’t even trust himself not to leak nudes

Fakeout: A meme quickly developed in which users shared the camera roll but inserted a different unexpected photo in place of the penis

Surprise! One users inserted a joke image of Thanos from the Avengers films as he showed off his beefy physique

Another poster included a photo of one of the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace and wrote, ‘i just KNOW that chris evans is gonna be guarding that p***y like this.’

One user wrote ‘Seeing why Chris Evans is trending. Me:’ and included a meme reading, ‘Trust nobody not even yourself’ that showed a man whose doppelgänger was sneaking up behind him with a gun.

Although plenty of users had their own reactions to the accidental photo, a meme quickly developed in which Twitter posters shared the image of Evans’ camera roll (which was cropped out by Twitter) but included something unexpected in place of the penis.

‘Can someone explain why chris evans has this picture of thanos in his phone?’ one post read, while featuring a camera roll snap including a humorous image of Thanos from the Avengers films with his bulging muscles and derriere exposed. 

Do the right thing: But it wasn’t all fun and games, and multiple posters urged people not to share the photos as they were released without Evans’ consent

Too cute: Some users started sharing adorable photos of the Avengers star with his dog to break up the jokes

Perfect match: One tweet included a cute photo of Chris dog wearing the same cable-knit sweater he wore in Knives Out

It wasn’t all fun and games, though, and multiple Twitter users called out those searching for the nude photo and posting about it because it lacked Evans’ consent.

‘I will put this right here: please do not share Chris Evans’ nudes. It’s not okay because he’s a man, it’s not okay because he’s adored, it’s NOT OKAY because he accidentally posted it himself. He’s taken the images down; so should you. #consentmatters,’ urged one person.

Another fan wrote: ‘Everyone talking about chris evans leaking his own nudes needs to really not spread that video around. You’re violating his privacy after he realized and deleted it. yall really need to not spread that around.’

Others tried to swamp the search results tied to the Captain America star’s name with adorable photos of him with his dog.

‘I feel so bad for him right now. Let’s give this picture some attention because this man is incredible!’ wrote Emma Fitzgerald, while including a sweet photo of the actor with in a New England Patriots shirt while cuddled up with his dog.

Another tweet juxtaposed a still of Evans in his popular cable-knit sweater from Knives Out with an adorable photo of his dog wearing a sleeveless update on the design.

History: Evans was linked to Baby Driver actress Lily James after they were spotted together twice in London in July, and he previously dated Jenny Slate and Minka Kelly, among others; shown in September 2019

Caitlyn Gray wrote, ‘Chris Evans and his dog wearing matching sweaters is the only reason he should be trending today.’

Evans was most recently linked to Baby Driver actress Lily James, after they were spotted together twice while in London in July.

In 2016, he sparked a relationship with former SNL actress Jenny Slate.

The couple took a break in 2017 before reuniting later in the year, though they broke up for good in March of 2018.

Prior to that he had a years-long on–off relationship with Minka Kelly. 

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