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Father whips daughter, 19, with a belt in after warning her to stay away from protest in Colombia


Moment father whips 19-year-old daughter with a belt in public after finding her participating in protests over the death of a lawyer in police custody in Colombia

  • Norbeli Restrepo was caught on video beating his daughter Karime Restrepo with a belt in the middle of a street last Thursday in Armenia, Colombia
  • The father of three girls said he hit his 19-year-old daughter after he had told her not to participate in a protest over the death of a man in police custody
  • Restrepo told Noticias RCN on Sunday that he would carry out the same punishment again because he is only looking out for his children’s well-being
  • At least 13 people have been killed during five days of protest after Javier Ordóñez was tasered and beaten by two cops in Bogotá last Wednesday 
  • Seven police officers have been suspended by the Bogotá Metropolitan Police 

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A father-of-three was caught on video beating his teenage daughter with a belt in public after finding her at a protest against police brutality in Colombia.

Norbeli Restrepo said he had warned his Karime Restrepo not to participate in a protest last Thursday in Armenia, Colombia, in response to the death of Javier Ordóñez, who died in police custody.

Norbeli is seen in the video arguing with his daughter and striking her on her legs as two police officers attempted to defuse the altercation.

But the father said he would carry out the punishment again to avoid seeing one of his daughters seriously injured or killed in a demonstration.

Lawyer Ordóñez died after he was seen on video being tasered and beaten by officers Damian Rodríguez and Juan Camilo Lloreda a day earlier in Bogotá.

A bystander records the moment Karime Restrepo (left) is hit by her father Norbeli Restrepo in the leg with a belt as two police officers looked on

Norbeli Restrepo (right) was caught on video disciplining his 19-year-old daughter Karime Restrepo (left) with a belt after he told her to stay clear of last Thursday’s protest in Armenia, Colombia, following the death of Javier Ordóñez, a 46-year-old father-of-two who was died in police custody in Bogota last Wednesday 

Karime, 19, had been out eating at a restaurant and decided to walk through a part of the town where she had been warned not do go by her father. She then decided to take part in the demonstration before someone alerted her dad.

Norbeli told Noticias RCN that he was not in the wrong of having disciplined his daughter harshly because ‘when the dialogue fails, it is time to punish, to reprimand.’   

He said he would carry out the same punishment to save his children from being caught up in the demonstrations, which have raged across Colombia for five days and left at least 13 dead. 

One of those killed was María del Carmen Viuche, 40, who died after she was run over by a bus stolen by protesters in Bogotá on Thursday night. 

‘I said something to the two of them, what I just did could have saved your life for the future,’ Restrepo said. ‘Why? Because if you say, “if I disobeyed and this happened to me with my dad, I’ll avoid it,” and that will avoid me having to go to the street to pick up a child who is left dead or left in a wheelchair. 

Javier Ordóñez died at a hospital Wednesday in Bogotá, Colombia. The 46-year-old father-of-two appeared in a video being tasered and beaten by two police officers

The demonstrations, which have turned violent after sundown, have left 258 people injured, the Colombian National Police said. A total of 308 cops have also suffered injuries, including 286 in Bogotá.  

Officers Rodríguez and Lloreda are among seven cops who have been suspended. 

An autopsy showed the 46-year-old Ordóñez suffered nine fractures in his face and cranium.

The report also showed father-of-two Ordóñez had contusions in the ribs, a rupture in his liver, and burns throughout his body as a result of the Taser shots. 

The disturbing video footage shows Rodríguez and Lloreda kneeling on Ordóñez as he was lying on the road pavement and using a Taser as they struggled to handcuff him.

Ordóñez can be heard in the video screaming for mercy, shouting ‘por favor, no más [please, no more]’ as the two cops continued to electrocute him. 

One of the police officers can be spotted in the video repeatedly hitting Ordóñez in the head with an object. 


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