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Florida security guard, 40, ‘is caught impersonating a police officer when he pulls over a real cop’


Florida security guard, 40, ‘is caught impersonating a police officer when he pulls over a real cop’

  • Omar Forde arrested and charged this week with impersonating a police officer stemming from his March 29 encounter with off-duty Orlando cop 
  • Probable cause affidavit alleges Forde was driving home from his security job when he pulled over BMW convertible and told its occupant to ‘slow down’
  • Unbeknownst to Forde, the vehicle was driven by Orlando police officer Zachary Price, who became concerned after seeing Forde’s tactical vest and called 911
  • Forde was driving SUV with flashing lights, siren and PA system, and was wearing a tactical-style vest with ‘Criminal Task Force’ written across the front
  • He had a silver badge over his heart, a holstered handgun, a Taser and a microphone on his utility belt
  • Forde denied pretending to be a cop, saying he works for a private security company called Criminal Task Force and was concerned for the other driver
  • Investigation revealed Forde was driving on a suspended license  

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A Florida man has been charged with impersonating a police officer after officials say he pulled over an off-duty Orlando cop for what he perceived to be erratic driving. 

The incident took place back in March in Casselberry, but suspect Omar Forde was only arrested on Tuesday night on a recently-issued warrant charging him with falsely personating an officer, a felony. 

Forde was booked into the county jail and later released after posting $2,000 bond. 

Florida security guard Omar Force, 40, has been charged with impersonating a police officer after stopping a real Orlando cop in late March 

Forde was dressed in his work uniform, including a tactical-style vest emblazoned with the words ‘Criminal Task Force,’ a silver badge and a utility belt with a gun and a Taser 

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by, the incident began unfolding at around midnight on March 29, when a Casselberry police officer was called to the area of Red Bug Lake Road and State Road 436 by off-duty  Orlando police officer Zachary Price. 

Forde was arrested on Tuesday and booked into the Seminole County jail before posting $2,000 bond 

Price said that he was traveling on Red Bug Lake Road near Doster Drive in his blue BMW convertible when a white Ford Explorer SUV equipped with emergency lights resembling an unmarked police vehicle activated strobing lights and sirens, and pulled him over by ordering over his vehicle’s PA system to slow down.

According to the report, Price said he noticed the driver of the SUV, later identified as Forde, wearing a tactical-style vest emblazoned with patches that resembled a law enforcement officer’s uniform.

‘Officer Price asked Forde if he he was stopping him, to which Forde replied he needed to slow down,’ the affidavit stated. 

Price then contacted dispatch and summoned local police.

When an officer with the Casselberry Police Department arrived on the scene, he found Forde still wearing his vest with the words ‘Criminal Task Force’ printed across the front ‘much like a uniformed officer would wear,’ according to the report. 

Body camera video shows a Casselberry, Florida, police officer interviewing Forde sitting behind the wheel of his SUV 

Forde’s gear also included a silver badge worn over his heart and a utility belt with a holstered handgun, a Taser and a microphone in it. 

After being read his Miranda rights, Forde explained that he was on his way home from his work at a security company called ‘Criminal Task Force’ when he saw Price’s blue BMW pass and swerve. 

‘Out of concern that the driver of the BMW may be under the influence, he activated the emergency lights and siren equipped on his company vehicle to get the BMW to slow down,’ the report stated. ‘Once the BMW pulled over, he pulled beside and advised the driver over his vehicle’s PA system to “slow down, you going to hurt yourself.”‘

Forde denied impersonating a police officer, saying that the name of the company where he works is ‘Criminal Task Force’ 

An investigation has revealed that the 40-year-old was driving on a suspended license 

A portion of Forde’s exchange with the Casselberry cop was captured on body camera video, first obtained by ClickOrlando. In it, the security guard says Office Price ‘flew past me and his car danced. So I though he might have been intoxicated; I didn’t want him to hurt himself.’ 

In the footage, Forde insists that he was not trying to impersonate a police officer, but he is told that if he were to pull over a civilian, they would easily mistake him for a real cop based on the appearance of his vehicle and uniform.

‘A citizen would mistake this all day for a law enforcement officer,’ a Casselberry officer tells him. 

The investigation has revealed that at the time of the traffic stop, Forde was driving on a suspended license stemming from a 2017 incident. 

Forde is due back in court for his arraignment on November 3.  


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