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Florida woman is punched and robbed of her purse and mobile phone after Walmart parking spot row


Walmart parking lot argument sees mother and her daughter beat and rob woman before tearing off in a Mercedes

  • Joann Pedro was attacked by a mother and her two children in Davie, Florida
  • She complained when a woman took her spot in a car park before the attack
  • Her car was hit by a bottle before she was beaten on the floor at Walmart 
  • Police are hunting the attackers after they took Joann’s cellphone and wallet 

By Joe Davies For Mailonline

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A woman was beaten up and robbed by a mother and her two children after an argument over a Walmart parking spot escalated into a violent row.

Joann Pedro was picking up household items from the store off University Drive in Davie, Florida, Tuesday when she was hit with a bottle.

She complained when a woman driving a silver Mercedez-Benz cut her up in the parking lot before she parked in another spot.

Her car was hit by the bottle so she phoned the police and tried to take a picture of the Mercedes’ licence plate before she was attacked. 

Joann Pedro is attacked and robbed at a Walmart parking lot in Davie, Florida, after a row about a parking space escalated 

Joann says her wallet and cellphone were taken and she feels scared the attackers have her licence and house keys

The driver’s daughter began punching Joann and pulling her hair before the mother ran out and kicked her and her son pulled off people trying to stop the fight.  

Joann tried to stop them after they took her phone and wallet but she was pulled to the ground when the car drove off in shocking footage.

In the video, the driver’s daughter, wearing a black top, holds Joann by her hair while hitting her on the floor.

A man wearing a blue shirt tries to stop the attacker, but she continues to beat Joann before she is pulled off.

A woman (left) pulls Joann’s hair and beats her while her brother (right, in a white T-shirt) pulls off two people trying to stop the fight

The woman continues to beat Joann as a man stops the attacker’s mother from stomping on her

The mother suddenly runs over and stomps on Joann’s back before she is pushed away by the man in blue.

Her son pushes the man off her before all three get back in the car and drive off, pulling Joann to the ground as she holds the door. 

Joann told WSVN: ‘They hit me with a bottle, so I have the bruise. I have my neck and shoulders. They’re all bruised. 

‘Once I reached the car, they tried to rip off my ring, so I have bruises, and my finger — I can’t move it. It’s swollen. 

The mother (centre) and her son (left) are pushed away by a man wearing a blue shirt before they speed off

‘I’m scared. They have my license. They have my house keys. That was everything I had. They dragged me with the car.’

Police said the attackers are believed to be a mother driving a Mercedes C300 with her two children in their mid-teens to early-20s.

At one point in the attack, witnesses claim the mother told her son to take the licence plate off the car.

Davie Police said: ‘If you have any information regarding these suspects. Please contact the Davie PD 954-693-8200.’ 


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