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French First Lady Brigitte Macron reveals she was scared after the birth of her first child


French First Lady Brigitte Macron, 67, reveals she felt ‘helpless and scared’ after she gave birth to her first child aged 21 in a rare new interview

  • Brigitte Macron, 67, opened up about giving birth for the first time aged 21 
  • In 1975, she gave birth to her first son Sebastien a year after her first wedding 
  • Brigitte had three children with her first husband André-Louis Auzière 
  • She has now revealed how she was left feeling  ‘helpless’ as a young mother 

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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The French First Lady Brigitte Macron has revealed how she felt ‘helpless and scared’ after the birth of her first child in a rare new interview. 

Emmanuel Macron‘s wife, 67, had three children with her first husband André-Louis Auzière after their wedding in 1974 and today she has seven grandchildren. 

Speaking to the French magazine Elle, Brigitte, who had her first child aged 21, admitted she felt ‘helpless’ when she left the maternity ward after giving birth.

She said she dreaded being responsible for this child, revealing: ‘I was scared not to know [what to do], I was scared something would happen to him. He spent the three first weeks screaming night and day.’

Brigitte Macron, the French First Lady and wife of Emmanuel Macron, opened up about her struggles as a first-time-mother in 1975 when she gave birth to her first child Sébastien, aged 21 (pictured in February 2020) 

She explained: ‘We never talk about how alone and helpless a young mother can be.’

‘At 21, right after the birth of my first child, I was standing in front of the hospital waiting for his father to take us home, and I wanted to make a U-turn and run to hide in the maternity ward,’ she said. 

After the baby spent three weeks crying ‘day and night’, Brigitte phoned for a doctor who assured her the baby was fine.  

However, while she doesn’t reveal what the issue is, she later discovered her son Sébastien suffered from a medical problem which was later solved with an operation. 

Brigitte Macron’s first child, Sébastien Auzière with his wife and their children on the day Emmanuel Macron became president 

Admitting that being a mother was ‘hard,’ Brigitte said that protecting children should mean more support for mothers.  

The grandmother of seven had three children during her first marriage, which lasted from 1974 to 2006. 

Her firstborn, Sébastien, is now 45, an engineer and the Vice President of a polling agency.  

Brigitte has also had two daughters: Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, who is a cardiologist and Tiphaine Auzière, who is a lawyer and who used to be in the same class as Emmanuel Macron in high school.  

Emmanuel and Brigitte pictured a year into his presidency in 2018. The couple married in 2007, a year after Brigitte finalised her divorce from her first husband 

The couple, who met when Macron was just 15 and Brigitte 39, share an atypical romance, to say the least.

The pair met in high school, with Macron the brilliant student falling fast and hard for the passionate literature teacher. The two grew close, especially after Macron, then 16, joined the school’s drama club – managed by none other than Brigitte.

When news started to spread of a blossoming romance between the mother-of-three and teenager, it was said Macron was sent to Paris by his parents in order to put some distance between Brigitte and him. 

Her parents – both doctors – were treated ‘like they had the plague’, had their door spat on and were sent letters denouncing their daughter. 

But the attraction between the pair was too strong to be ignored, and a passionate finally developed – though the couple denied anything romantic took place before Macron was old enough. 

The pair eventually tied the knot in 2007, a year after Brigitte’s divorce from her first husband André.


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