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Fury at pandemic wedding photos in which guests pretend to be DEAD


‘Tone deaf’ bride and groom spark FURY online for ‘making fun’ of the pandemic in ‘gross’, ‘tasteless’ wedding photos that show their guests pretending to be DEAD on the floor

  • The images were posted in a wedding-shaming Facebook group, however the bride and groom have not been named 
  • Commenters were horrified by the photos, which saw the couple posing together in matching bird-shaped masks that cover their whole faces 
  • While they are standing holding hands, their wedding guests are all lying on the floor around them apparently pretending to be dead 
  • The wedding shoot is originally thought to have been shared by someone at the event, who wrote: ‘Don’t let [COVID] overshadow your fun!’  

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A bride and groom who tied the knot amid the pandemic have been slammed online after making light of the COVID-19 crisis by posing for photos with their guests – who all pretended to be dead on the floor around them. 

The unnamed couple, who appear to be from the US, are seen in their full wedding attire in the pictures, which show them standing hand-in-hand, while their guests are seen sprawled on the ground, playing dead. 

A Facebook user shared screengrabs of the images in a wedding-shaming group on the site, where they were promptly slammed by members, who branded the couple’s stunt ‘tone deaf’, ‘tasteless’, ‘gross’ and ‘tacky’. 

Controversial: A bride and groom have sparked fury online after posing for wedding pictures that appear to ‘make fun’ of the pandemic by having the guests play dead on the ground

‘Heartless’: The images were shared on a wedding-shaming group on Facebook, where a user posted them with the original caption that read, ‘Don’t let [COVID] overshadow your fun!’

‘Tone deaf’: In the photos, the bride and groom are seen posing hand-in-hand while wearing bird-shaped face masks, while their guests are sprawled on the floor 

‘I’m sorry but making fun of a world pandemic and pretending to be dead, when 860k (worldwide) people have actually died from COVID, is just not cool,’ the user who shared the images wrote. 

As well as the photos, the person also shared the original post that was included when they were first shared on Facebook – presumably by the bride, or someone who was at the wedding. 

In the caption of the original post, the anonymous user insisted that the pandemic shouldn’t ‘overshadow’ the wedding, writing: ‘For all the COVID brides! Don’t let it overshadow your fun!’ 

They then added: ‘Getting married in a pandemic be like…’ before sharing the images.  

The photos show the bride and groom standing side by side while wearing matching bird-shaped face masks; around them, a dozen people can be seen playing dead on the floor, with some lying on their backs while others are draped over a brick wall and statue at the edge of the image. 

Unsurprisingly, the pictures were met with a less-than-positive reaction after being shared in the wedding-shaming group, with many users slamming the couple and their guests in the comments. 

‘This is one of the most tasteless and tone deaf things I’ve ever seen,’ one person commented. 

Outrage: Facebook users blasted the bride and groom, branding the stunt ‘tone deaf’, ‘tasteless’, and ‘gross’

Another agreed, writing: ‘That’s so tacky and gross.’ 

Some also pointed out that, in addition to ‘making fun’ of the pandemic, the bride, groom, and guests did not appear to have adhered to social distancing recommendations, with some noting that many of the people lying on the floor are within touching distance of one another.  

‘Will they still find it funny and cool if they’re inside an ICU?’ one person wrote. ‘Or sitting at home worrying because their loved one is on an ventilator fighting for their lives?’ 

Another questioned: ‘I wonder which ones caught COVID at the wedding?’ 

Others were simply appalled by the fact that someone would come up with the idea in the first place – let alone actually turn it into a reality. 

‘Um wow.. who thinks of things like this?’ one person questioned, while another chimed in: ‘Imagine having an idea and the idea was this… Wow.’ 

One person expressed some sympathy for the guests, joking, ‘Imagine getting ready for a wedding and then the bride tells you, you have to lay down on the dirty floor.’ 

Another Facebook user suggested that the images may have been taken in Winnipeg, Canada, commenting: ‘I’m about 98 per cent sure this was taken in Winnipeg (judging by the background) and I’m not even surprised that this is what is coming out of that city.’  


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