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Gayle King scolds Nancy Pelosi for calling Trump’s allies ‘henchmen’ and says it solves nothing


Gayle King scolds Nancy Pelosi for calling Trump’s allies ‘henchmen’ – telling the Speaker that it is ‘insulting’, ‘egregious’ and solves nothing

  • Nancy Pelosi appeared on CBS This Morning on Friday to speak to Gayle King
  • Pelosi, discussing the Supreme Court battle, said Trump defied the Constitution
  • She said the president ‘and his henchmen are a danger to our democracy’
  • King questioned Pelosi’s use of the term ‘henchmen’, but Pelosi was unabashed 

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Gayle King has chastised Nancy Pelosi for calling Donald Trump‘s allies ‘henchmen’, telling the Speaker that it was ‘insulting’ and unhelpful.

The television presented on Friday morning asked Pelosi about her previous remarks, saying that Joe Biden should not participate in Tuesday’s debate with Trump.

Pelosi said she stood by her comments, because she felt it was a pointless exercise. 

‘I just think that the President has no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution of the United States,’ she told King. 

‘He and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, are a danger to our democracy. 

Nancy Pelosi spoke to Gayle King on Friday morning for CBS’s This Morning 

King was a donor to Obama’s campaign and has been friends with Oprah Winfrey for years

King took issue with Pelosi’s use of the word ‘henchmen’ to describe Trump’s inner circle

‘I didn’t want to give him, you know, why bother — you know, he doesn’t tell the truth. He isn’t committed to our Constitution, but Joe Biden is right —’

King, who famously donated to Barack Obama’s campaign, holidayed with the Obamas and is close friends with Oprah Winfrey, interjected, and called Pelosi out on her choice of words.

‘But Speaker Pelosi, that’s what people say is the problem,’ she said. 

‘Your language to some is just as egregious as what they’re saying by calling the president’s people “henchmen”. 

‘Some could say that’s just as insulting as what he’s saying about you.’

Pelosi brushed off King’s criticism, saying Trump’s attacks did not worry her and they actually helped her own political fundraising. 

‘Well, I don’t care what he says about me,’ said Pelosi. 

‘Every knock from him is a boost for me. If he wants to help me raise money, he can keep knocking me. But I’m speaking truth.’

Pelosi was criticized by King for her use of the word ‘henchmen’, but was unabashed


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