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‘Governor’ Osagie Ize Iyamu: An idea whose time has come


By Igboeli Arinze

As the good people of Edo State come September 19, 2020 get  set to elect a governor who in the next  four years will steer the ship of the state renown for it’s immense contributions to our nation’s pride via the spectacular acheivements  in arts, sports, culture, academics, business and administration, it looks with much  certainty,  with all the indices about the election that the APC ‘s Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu, one time Chief of Staff and Secretary of State Government(Edo State) will carry the day, ahead of the incumbent, Godwin Obaseki, whose campaign has been filled with promises, lots of “ I should have done’s “ , the comical as well as the pathetic. This is despite the fact that he is an incumbent as well as has in his campaign a heavy employment of propaganda with which he has sought to twist the minds of the people with little or no success . The polls  are looking grim for Obaseki and as well will soon sing the nunc dimitis for his tenure as governor.

A “Governor” Osagie Ize Iyamu ‘s extensive track record as a hands-on administrator and grassroots politician not only guarantees the people of Edo State a great future, it also shoots down the lie that Ize Iyamu will be a stooge to Comrade Adams Oshiomole or any other politico or financier for any insubstantial reason. Ize Iyamu will not only bring his wealth of experience to the office when elected, he will also show that in Dennis Osadebey House,  he will be getting things done when the time surely comes — a transition in which Obaseki has shown much struggle. For Ize Iyamu it is expected to be a seamless one.

Can there be a bigger insult to the Edo voters ; from Uromi to Agenebode, Ugbor to Igarra and Abudu to Ososo and then to Okada, than the oft-floated nonsense that an Ize Iyamu  led administration will be just an appendage of an Adams Oshiomole? Then they never really knew who Ize Iyamu is, neither are their facts right about an Oshiomole as godfather! Countlessly, people have challenged Obaseki to give examples of how Oshiomole allegedly dictated to him, they have rather received innuendoes, canards and half wit gibberish. Obaseki’s only explanation  for his long legged failures are his rumble royale with almost every key figure in Edo State, he forgets however that the people of Edo know the marked difference between a people’s  champion and a pretender to such a title, by asking him to account for his stewardship in the last four years.

Even if Oshiomole was attempting at foisting himself on Obaseki as a godfather, which he was not, a cursory look at the Nigerian political history is inundated with how ‘godsons’ dealt with these tin gods- performance, like an Ngige when he faced off Chris Uba or Oshiomole, when he jousted with the larger than life Tony Anenih, the godsons won their battles and took their place in history by simply performing , can we then ask where is Obaseki’s scorecard?

One thing that surprises me about the reactions to the success and fluency of Ize Iyamu ‘s campaign message and candidacy is the fact that there’s any surprise at all. His SIMPLE agenda is a watertight manifesto tailored to meeting the needs of the people and the repositioning the state. The people of Edo State will surely ask questions like, “Why should they choose the incumbent who appears not for once in the life of his lackluster first term   to be in touch with the masses?”  “Why should they choose an Obaseki who seemingly has the callous traits of a hardline politician despite the flimsy facade that he is a technocrat over an Ize Iyamu?”. Ize Iyamu, while not pretending to being one has yet come much more prepared to the  average Edo voter.

Lastly, the administration of “Governor” Osagie Ize Iyamu will help reunite the people of Edo State, who have never seen such divisiveness in it’s entire history, even as an empire, when it was ruled by a succession of Ogisos and Obas. Let us picture a feisty Obaseki winning a second term and the consequences of such a victory, haven received a foretaste of his belligerently brewed politics from which we have had a State House of Assembly fiasco, numerous demolitions and repeated harrasment of innocent  Edo citizens. Imagine then what would follow should the people have the misfortune of electing him again? Let us now compare with an Ize Iyamu who despite the bad politics meted out to him in 2016 has displayed the Waziri Ibrahim” Politics without bitterness” syndrome working with the same people who denied him the APC ticket in the first instance and the election. Even the popular bard, Adviser Nowamagbe, the ‘yabis’ crooner who had in one song wrongly  blamed Ize Iyamu for one of his misfortunes is today campaigning for the same Ize Iyamu, same for Hosa Okunbor, Pius Odubu and a number of other actors, Ize Iyamu as a tested bridge builder will reconcile all.

In concluding, I am indeed predicting an Ize Iyamu victory, it is an idea whose time has surely come.

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