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Gunfight breaks out in the lobby of a Brooklyn apartment building


Authorities have released new video of a shootout that happened inside the lobby of a New York City apartment last month as the surge in local gun violence edges into autumn. 

The Big Apple saw at concerning spike in gun-related violence as at least 10 people were shot over Labor Day Weekend.  

In one instance, a 62-year-old Brooklyn resident was shot dead on Monday morning while walking his dogs near his home.

Just two hours before that, a six-year-old boy and his mother were among three others who were shot during a festival in the same borough.

Surveillance footage from the New York Police Department showed an incident that happened on August 25 inside the Marlboro Houses in the Gravesend neighborhood.

The New York Police Department released surveillance footage of a gun fight the took place inside an apartment building lobby on August 25

A group of unidentified men are seen standing inside an apartment building lobby and appear to be looking towards something outside.

One man, who brandishes a gun in his right hand, walks further into the lobby before raising the firearm towards the door.

It’s unclear who opens fire first, but the group of men suddenly scrambles out of the way. A different man runs into the lobby and appears to fire a round out of the open door.

The NYPD said that no injuries were reported. They ask anyone with information on the shooting to call Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM them on trough their NYPD Crime Stoppers page. 

One man (right) can be seen holding a firearm as people scramble out of the way when someone opens fire 

As of August 30, the rate of shooting victims in New York City was up 120 per cent that week compared to the same time last year.  There were 64 shooting victims this year, while last year amassed to 29.

NYPD CompStat showed that shooting incidents were up 85 per cent, with 50 recorded this year and 27 in 2019. 

The numbers continued to rise on Monday as a Brooklyn man was shot dead outside his Bay Ridge neighborhood home around 6:50am. 

New York Daily News reports that Michael Scully. the owner of five cocker spaniels, was struck several times in the head and shoulders by the shooter.

Authorities said Scully got into an argument with the suspect after leaving his home to walk his dogs. 

The suspect pulled out a gun, shot Scully and fled the scene before police officers arrived. 

Scully was rushed to  NYU Langone Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The suspect has not been brought into custody.

Michael Scully, 62, (pictured) was shot dead on Monday morning by an unidentified shooter in Brooklyn

‘I don’t know who would do this,’ said William Mendez, a longtime friend of Scully’s. ‘I don’t believe he had any enemies. Everybody loved Mike.’

‘He loved Brooklyn,’ Mendez, 55, added. ‘You needed help, he was there for you. He was just the best.’

According to friends of Scully, he was warm-hearted and kind man who spent several years working for a technology company. He liked to bring his dogs with him to church.  

He was also an entrepreneur who bought and sold items, like perfumes and clothes, on the side. Scully kept a list of all the perfumes he had in stock, friends said.

Scully lived downstairs from his brother in a two-family home they shared. The brother was overcome with emotion as he hugged their sister outside their home just hours after the shooting, NYDN reports.

David Martinez, a longtime friend of Scully, said the man’s girlfriend died about two years ago and the loss was devastating.

Her funeral was one of the only times the Martinez saw Scully cry. The other two occasions were during the funerals of his father and mother.

‘He didn’t deserve this,’ said Martinez. ‘This is execution-style.’  

Around 3am on Monday, in the same borough were Scully was killed, a six-year-old boy was scooped up off the pavement by his mother after they were both shot during a pre-dawn J’Ouvert celebration.

In the video, obtained by, some of the 300 people who gathered for a pre-dawn procession celebrating the Caribbean J’Ouvert festival are heard screaming in terror and fleeing after the gun went off. 

The boy is seen lying on the pavement in a pool of his own blood as a woman, identified as his mother, rushes over and tries to pick him up. 

A few feet away from the boy, a man is seen collapsed on the ground after he was also apparently struck by gunfire. 

Police sources told the New York Post that the boy, identified as Maxwell Cesc-Vinho, was shot in the left leg while his mother Patricia Bratwaith, 47, and a man named Flavian Yves, 40, were struck in the left foot. 

The sources identified the other two victims as Bob Charlotin, 46, and Kelly Barthold, 34, and said they were both shot in the right leg.  

The boy is seen lying on the pavement in a pool of his own blood as a woman, identified as his mother, rushes over and tries to pick him up

Disturbing video captured the moment a six-year-old boy was scooped up off the pavement by his mother after they were both shot alongside three other people during a pre-dawn J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn on Monday morning

All five victims were transported to Kings County Hospital Center with non-life threatening injuries. 

NYPD officers arrested two men at the scene who were both carrying guns, but police have not confirmed whether either was the shooter.   

Investigators are still working to determine the motive for the shooting, but NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said it appeared to be gang-related.

‘This is a notorious gang area that, you know, we’ve had problems with in the past,’ Harrison told reporters on Monday morning.  

It’s unclear whether any of the victims were targeted on purpose. Harrison said that the mother and son were just getting out of a cab when they were struck.  

‘It was really crazy – everyone was in shock,’ Joshua Kristal, who was in the procession when the shooting occurred, told the Post.  

‘The boy, his mom was carrying him. You could see there was blood in his pants. She dropped him, I didn’t know what to do, then I saw tons of blood.’ 

A few feet away from the boy, a man is seen collapsed on the ground after he was also apparently struck by gunfire

New York City has seen a troubling spike in crime and violence this over the course of this summer. 

Last week police revealed new data showing there were 242 shootings recorded in August, compared with just 91 in the same month last year – a 166 per cent increase. 

On Sunday, a 25-year-old man was shot dead in Queens while sitting inside his car. 

ABC 7 reports the incident happened around 1am, and when police arrived to the scene they found the victim on the passenger side of a Nissan Rogue. 

He had a gunshot wound to his head and chest. 

In anotherinstance, two men and a woman were shot at a BP gas station near Sherman Avenue. in Inwood.

Police said the 31-year-old woman was shot in the leg, a 23-year-old man was hit in the right arm and a 29-year-old man was struck in the leg and shoulder.

All three victims’ injuries were non-life threatening, cops said.  

A fourth shooting took place at about 4.30am in the Fordham Manor neighborhood of the Bronx, where a 31-year-old man was struck in the leg by a masked gunman who took off on a motorcycle. 

That victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. 

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