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Hilarious images show dogs enjoying car journeys with their humans


Feeling the wind in their fur! Hilarious snaps capture the VERY funny ways dogs travel in cars – from a grumpy French Mastiff to a high-fiving pooch

  • Funny snaps compiled on social media reveal hilarious moments on car journeys 
  • Bored Panda has collated an online gallery of some dogs’ most comical moments
  • Hilarious images include a poised sunglasses-wearing dog leaning out window
  • In another picture, a grumpy French Mastiff can be seen relaxing in a van 

By Lydia Catling For Mailonline

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On a long journey, there is no one better to join you than your much-loved pooch.

Bored Panda has compiled an online gallery of some of the hilarious expressions dogs have pulled while out with their owners.

Some of the amusing sights include a rather unhappy looking bull-mastiff leaning out the window of a Transit van and another dog showing all his pearly whites as the wind billows through his jowls.

Elsewhere, a gangster pup wearing sunglasses and a chain looked like he was giving a passerby a high five as he raised his paw up in the air.  

Social media users from across the world have been sharing the hilarious snaps of their pooches travelling in style (pictured, French Mastiff Roxy can often be seen hanging out the window of the Mango Couriers Transit van while making deliveries around London)

This pooch, believed to be a Weimaraner, was extremely pleased to be included in the car road trip, smiling from ear to ear on the backseat

Snoop dog: This pup, dressed in a pair of sunglasses and a chain collar, looked like he was trying to high five passersby from his truck as he leaned out the window

Say cheese: Wind billowing in their jowls, this cheeky pooch seemed to still be having the time of his life on the back of a truck

Still hoping to involved in the road trip fun, this Alaskam Malamute’s owners opened up the middle seat to allow them to poke their head through and say hello

Sleeping beauty: While this  furry passenger was not great at staying awake to keep his travel companion company, he still provided entertainment while his hilarious sleeping position

Just wanting to be a part of the fun, this pup was so determined to be involved he stretched the protective car net as far as possible to get closer and closer

This curly-haired pooch was so determined to feel the wind  on his face he decided to ignore the fact he could not see through his windswept fur

Safety first: This tiny retriever puppy made sure he was securely strapped in for his car journey and even kicked back with his paws in the air, getting relaxed for the trip

Undeterred by the wind blowing in his face and covering his eyes, this dog continued to poke his face out of the window, providing his owners his some road trip entertainment

Majestic: This grey haired dog looked positively regal as he sat like his human owners on the backseat of their car waiting to be taken to their destination

Sleepy head: A passerby could not help but stop and capture this gorgeous sleeping dog and its hilarious expression as it slept soundly in the passenger seat


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