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Huge crocodile devours a pet dog at one of Australia’s most popular beaches as children play nearby


Huge crocodile devours a pet dog at one of Australia’s most popular beaches as children play nearby

  • Veteran lifeguard is calling for action after massive crocodile devoured a pet dog
  • Bob McPhail saw the reptile near Alamanda Great Barrier Reef Chapel a day later
  • He said children were splashing in the water only metres from the crocodile  
  • He has urged the authorities to relocate the animal before someone dies 

By Adam Mccleery For Daily Mail Australia

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Calls are mounting for action to be taken after a massive crocodile devoured a pet dog before it was spotted close to children.

Cairns lifeguard Bob McPhail said he feared for people’s safety after he saw the three-metre crocodile next to the Alamanda Great Barrier Reef Chapel, at Palm Cove, on the weekend.

‘It could grab a child any day of the week, and I’m talking about a 13 or 14-year-old, we’re here to protect people in the ocean but no one is backing me up,’ he told The Courier Mail.

Mr McPhail said a local doctor was walking his Staffordshire bull terrier at about 5.45am on September 23 when he lost site of the dog near the water’s edge. 

‘There was a screeching, a barking, and then gone. The croc is as fat as a pig, it’s got a full belly which is obviously the dog,’ he said.

A veteran lifeguard said he fears for people’s safety after seeing a crocodile (pictured) only metres from children one day after it devoured a local doctor’s pet dog

The crocodile has already been reported but Mr McPhail said authorities told him it was within its natural habitat.   

He said it was ‘crazy’ the animal hadn’t been relocated especially because the swim leg of a recent triathlon event was held nearby.

‘How do you think I will feel if a five-year-old gets taken this afternoon and I’ve done nothing?’ he said. 

A trap was set up in the waterway earlier this year but proved ineffective against the animal.

It’s believed the same crocodile attacked a cafe owner’s pet Kelpie in April, leaving it with severe gashes, but alive. 

Mr McPhail said if the authorities didn’t act soon it could ‘get someone killed’. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Department of Environment and Science for comment.   

A trap has been left in the waterway at Palm Cove (pictured) for months but it has proven ineffective against the two to three-metre crocodile


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