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It’s a barked potato: Dog owner digs up home-grown spud that looks just like her pet pooch 

  • Joanne Gudger, 47, was floored when she found a potato that looked like her dog 
  • The potato bore an uncanny resemblance to her 13-year-old bulldog, Dave 
  • She now calls the dog ‘potato head Dave’ and hasn’t eaten the potato

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Dog owners are used to finding all sorts buried in the earth – toys, stolen nick-nacks or fiercely-guarded bones.

But keen gardener Joanne Gudger was floored when she unearthed a bizarre-looking potato – which was the ‘spitting image’ of her dog, Dave.

Mrs Gudger, 47, shared a photo of the oddly-shaped spud alongside an image of her jowly, 13-year-old American bulldog with friends and fellow gardeners.

The mother-of-three, from Atherstone, Warwickshire, said she also sent a photo to her ‘other half’ Mark who commented: ‘It’s the spitting image of him.’

Mrs Gudger said: ‘We now call him ‘potato head Dave’. We didn’t want to eat the potato because it’d be hard to eat a masterpiece like that.’

Keen gardener Joanne Gudger, 47, was floored when she unearthed a bizarre-looking potato – which was the ‘spitting image’ of her dog, Dave

She added: ‘I still keep laughing about it because I’ll probably never grow a potato that looks like my own dog again.’ 

‘As soon as I pulled it out of the soil I knew straight away that it looked like Dave and I took a picture to send to my other half, Mark – even he said it’s the spitting image of him.

‘Dave is really poorly at the moment with Cushing’s disease which is incurable so this really cheered us up.

‘He’s getting older now and is going a bit grey so he probably looks more like the potato than ever!

‘It was just perfect how the potato had Dave’s jowls and everything.’

Joanne decided to post the potato pic to various allotment groups on Facebook, where it unexpectedly racked up hundreds of likes.

She said: ‘Everyone was joking in the comments and saying that they’re going to be careful digging their potatoes up in the future in case they dig up a puppy.

‘It has also been a breath of fresh air due to my job working for a care company and dealing with Covid – my colleagues all think it’s hilarious!

‘Our carers visit our vulnerable customers in their own homes providing crucial support. It’s obviously been a very trying time but this has cheered us all up massively.’


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