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Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron is like Bull Connor, BLM founder says


A Black Lives Matter co-founder says black Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron gave a ‘Bull Connor speech in 2020’ when he announced why criminal charges weren’t brought against police officers in Breonna Taylor’s death.  

Alicia Garza likened Cameron to the notorious civil rights-era segregationist on Wednesday in regards the rising Republican star’s press conference in the Taylor investigation. 

‘This was an atrocity,’ the BLM co-founder told MSNBC’s Joy Reid

‘I think what I saw this morning was a Bull Connor speech in 2020. And… unfortunately, it was being given by a Black prosecutor.’

Bull Connor was the commissioner of public safety in Birmingham, Alabama, for more than 20 years in the 1960s and was a staunch opponent of the civil rights movement. 

He became an international figure and symbol of oppression when he set polices dogs on and fire hoses a civil rights advocates, including children. 

Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza has likened black Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to the notorious civil rights-era segregationist Bull Connor

Reid also weighed in urging viewers to look at Cameron’s political affiliations and ignore the fact that he is black. 

‘I think you have to always look at party. Party is the religion now in America — especially for Republicans. Don’t look at the fact that this guy is black. That does not mean anything,’ she said. 

‘He is a Republican through and through. He spoke at the RNC (Republican National Convention). He told you who he was. Believe him.’

The 34-year-old attorney general, who President Donald Trump labeled a ‘star’ for his handling of the case, choked up Wednesday as he explained why the officers involved in Taylor’s shooting death were not charged in her killing.  

Officer Brett Hankison, who was fired in the aftermath of the shooting, was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment after the bullets his fired in Taylor’s apartment traveled into a neighbor’s home.

Hankison’s two colleagues, Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove, were not charged because the investigation found their actions were justified, the attorney general said.  

Bull Connor was the commissioner of public safety in Birmingham, Alabama, for more than 20 years in the 1960s and was a staunch opponent of the civil rights movement

Alicia Garza made the comments on Wednesday after Cameron announced why a grand jury didn’t seek criminal charges against police officers in Breonna Taylor’s death

Cameron was elected last year as the state’s first black attorney general and had been endorsed by President Trump.

He is a rising star in the Republican party and is widely known to be Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s protege after serving as his general counsel from 2015 to 2017.

McConnell was among the guests at Cameron’s wedding last month in Louisville.  

Officer Brett Hankison, who was fired in the aftermath of the shooting, was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment. The charges stem from Hankison’s bullets travelling into a neighboring apartment

Cameron was also a guest speaker at the GOP convention last month, where he declared himself a ‘proud Republican and supporter of President Donald J. Trump’. 

The president placed the attorney general on the short list for a seat on the Supreme Court.  

Commenting during his convention speech on nationwide protests for racial equality and against the police shootings of black people, Cameron said: ‘Even as anarchists mindlessly tear up American cities while attacking police and innocent bystanders, we Republicans do recognize those who work in good faith towards peace, justice, and equality.’

He added that ‘Republicans will never turn a blind eye to unjust acts but neither will we accept an all-out assault on Western civilization.’

Trump on Wednesday praised Cameron’s ‘fantastic’ handling of the case and called the AG ‘really brilliant’ and a ‘star’.

During his press conference, Cameron called out ‘celebrities, influencers and activists’ for weighing in on the grand jury findings and warned they will ‘try to tell us how to feel.’  

‘Each (case) is unique and cannot be compared,’ Cameron said.

‘There will be celebrities, influencers, and activists who having never lived in Kentucky, will try to tell us how to feel, suggesting they understand the facts of this case and that they know our community and the commonwealth better than we do. But they don’t.

‘Let’s not give into their attempts to influence our thinking or capture our emotions. At the end of the day, if is up to us. We live here together.’  

Cameron said that his job is ‘to set aside everything in pursuit of the truth.’

‘Our reaction to the truth is the society we want to be,’ he said. ‘Do we really want the truth? Or do we want a truth that fits our narrative? Do we want the facts? Are we content to blindly accept our own version of events? We, as a community, must make this decision.’

Celebrities including actress Viola Davis, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ creator and star Dan Levy, actor George Clooney, rapper Common, and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James were among those to express outrage at the grand jury decision.  

Cameron cited his own family in seeking to convey that he understood some people in Louisville and across the country would be angry at the jury’s decision. The jury relied on evidence Cameron presented.  

‘I understand that as a Black man, how painful this is… which is why it was so incredibly important to make sure that we did everything we possibly could to uncover every fact,’ Cameron said.

‘My heart breaks for the loss of Miss Taylor. And I’ve said that repeatedly. My mother, if something was to happen to me, would find it very hard… I’ve seen that pain on Miss (Tamika) Palmer’s face,’ he said, referring to Taylor’s mother. ‘I’ve seen that pain in the community.’

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