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Leader of Africa’s first Economic War calls on African Americans to join fight for Africa’s Economic independence


Leader of Africa's first Economic War calls on African Americans to join fight for Africa's Economic independence

The leader of Africa’s first Economic War, Charles N Lambert has called on African Americans to join in the fight to emancipate Africa from the Suck and Dump system of economy invented and imposed on Africans by the westerners.

Lambert made this call in a video seminar tagged “African Americans Orientation Seminar”.

The Suck and Dump is a system that the Economic invaders brought to Africa over 200 years ago. They came into Africa, stole Africa’s natural resources, enslaved the people and even took most Africans to their continents as slaves and today we have the “African Americans” who are offsprings of Africans!

Up till date, these Westerners operate in Africa, sucking our economy through their factories and products they send into the continent and causing Africa to lose over 203billion dollars on Capital Flight living the continent with nothing.

Now, following a long and brutal history of racist policies that have kept African Americans who make up 12.3 per cent of the United States population and comprise 14.3 per cent of the population from experiencing economic breakthrough both legal and extralegal means, Lambert calls on them to join the Economic War.

Even with the highest qualification, African Americans still lack access to good jobs, good health because they are seen as African slaves in America.

But the good news is that all hope is not lost for African Americans as the Black Wall Street has provided a platform and a system that can uplift Africans from financial slavery and create more opportunities.

This system, Trap and Reinvest, according to Lambert will replace the Suck and Dump and drastically lower poverty rate in Africa.

African Americans are struggling just like Africans and not just economically. They face many problems, ranging from disparities in criminal justice to voter disenfranchisement. The Trap and Reinvest would help not only African Americans but also low-income individuals of all races and individuals of all classes in Africa.

Hence, Lambert calls on all African Americans to join and invest on the Black Wall Street Platforms to fight for Africa’s economic liberation.

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These platforms connect the relationship between Africans with African Americans in building a superpower African nation by private sectors.

Explaining what Africa is selling, Lambert called it the compassionate capitalism,  created from the Ubuntu spirit to give opportunities to every African through 28 basic human needs Apps which are designed to bridge the development divide and interconnect Africa.

One of the Black Wall Street’s platforms targeted at trapping and reinvesting Africa’s money through sales of African products to Africans is the Redirect Mall.

Redirect Mall is dedicated to retaining the over 203billion dollars Capital Flight money that leaves Africa annually and reinvesting this money into African private sectors, supermarkets, factories through the 28 Apps of BWS, thereby bringing billions into the continent.

Now there’s an opportunity for interested Africans and African Americans to own Supermarket outlet for the Redirect Mall which does not require money to begin but your interest and readiness to make money.

And as your customers Buy from the Redirect Mall, it gives them financial benefits through the investments on Black Wall Street platform which pays a monthly 100 dollar each annually for 5 years.

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