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Malawi: Anything New in Chakwera’s SONA? Here Are 10 New Things Malawi Leader Has Said


President Lazarus Chakwera has delivered his first State of Nation Address (SONA) in Lilongwe on Friday. Nyasa Times captured 10 things that are new in his speech–something we have never heard before.

1: Admitted that the Executive is too powerful, the Judiciary is too underfunded, the Legislature is too subservient, and all three are too corrupt. Wow!

2: He will construction of the state of the art Military Referral Hospital in Area 35, Lilongwe

3:He will appear before this Session of Parliament three times to answer Members’ questions.

4:He will establish the Probate and Family Division of the High Court, as well as the Financial Crimes Division to fast track the disposal of corruption cases.

5:He will ensure that, by 2022, Senior Resident Magistrates are available in all 28 Districts.

6:He will construct beautiful Judiciary Headquarters across Malawi Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

7:He will construct 193 Constituency Offices to serve as permanent points of access for Malawians to reach their MPs. He will also construct official residences for MPs within their constituencies to ensure they are part of the communities they represent.

8:He will increase enrolment in universities from 36,000 in the 2019/20 academic year to nearly 48,000 in the 2020/21 academic year.

9:He will launch National Youth Service which will train 3000 youths in vocational, livelihoods and technical skills; train 300 youths in Business; provide start-up tools and equipment to 600 youths; link 600 youths to Financial lending Institutions; engage 1000 youths in entrepreneurial endeavors; and equip 35,000 youths with leadership skills.

10:Due to challenges posed by Covid-19, he will participate in the 75th UN General Assembly in a virtual format.

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