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MALI: Junta plan not a representation of Malians’views – Opposition


Mali must appoint civilian govt. immediately, says regional bloc

As Mali’s junta tried to hash out a political roadmap with West African leaders in Ghana on Tuesday, the 18-month transition plan agreed by the military just days ago is being contested in Bamako by the popular opposition protest group.

“A delegation from the junta went to Accra to negotiate and discuss the fate of Mali without involving the M5-RFP ( the 5 June Movement – Rally of Patriotic Forces opposition coalition),” said Dr Choguel Kokala Maiga, President of the M5-RFP strategic committee.

Mali’s popular opposition movement led the demonstrations against the ousted president Keita. The military junta over the weekend adopted a “transition charter”.

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It has yet to be published. But according to reports, it would provide an 18-month transition government, led by a president named by a committee set up by the military junta.

“The M5-RFP has distanced itself from the document produced, which does not reflect the views and decisions of the Malian people,” said Maiga.

The opposition group said in a statement it condemned the “intimidation, anti-democratic and unfair practices worthy of another era” and “distances itself from the resulting document which does not reflect the views and decisions of the Malian people.”

But said it did not intend to start a conflict with the junta and would work together to modify the charter.

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