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Man admits he catfished his wife by pretending to be her celebrity crush, comedian Jason Mantoukas


Man admits he catfished his wife by pretending to be her celebrity crush, comedian Jason Mantoukas – but then gets upset when his wife starts FLIRTING with ‘Jason’

  • The 36-year-old man shared his marriage troubles on Reddit
  • He said his wife’s celebrity ‘hall pass’ is the 47-year-old comedian from The League and The Good Place 
  • Wife noted that they both went to Middlebury College in Vermont and she hopes she’d meed him at an alumni event
  • Husband set up a fake alumni email address to set his wife up with Jason as a ‘mentor’ — and she believed it
  • The two now exchange sexy messages and nude photos
  • Husband likes getting the nude photos of his wife but is ‘sad’ she is ‘kind of having an affair’

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A man thought he was pulling a funny prank when he pretended to be his wife’s celebrity crush online and started messaging her — but it became a lot less funny when the messages grew more and more sexual.

The 36-year-old man shared the awkward situation on Reddit, explaining that his 37-year-old wife’s celebrity ‘hall pass’ is The League star Jason Mantzoukas, 47.

For reasons he did not explain, the husband went on to test this by posing as Jason online, finding a credible way to connect his wife — who was only too eager to flirt with the actor, trading incredibly sexual messages that are now making the husband ‘incredibly sad.’

Celeb crush: A man on Reddit said that after his wife admitted a big crush on comedian Jason Mantzoukas, he pretended to be the star and catfished her

The husband posted the story in Reddit’s relationships section seeking advice, admitting that he ‘catfished’ his wife and now doesn’t know how to proceed.

‘My wife and I were joking about our celebrity crushes and “hall pass” celebrities,’ he explained.

‘Mine was Beyoncé, who I’m obviously never going to meet, hers was Jason Mantzoukas. I was like, that’s weird I would expect a Hemsworth or something but okay!’

His wife then explained that she and Jason both went to Middlebury College in Vermont, so they have that connection between them.

‘She said that whenever events open up again she might go to a reunion event to meet Jason Mantzoukas,’ the husband went on.

‘I couldn’t tell if she was kidding and this was starting to feel a little too “real.”’

Consequences: Now his wife is sending nude photos to who she thinks is Jason, but is really her husband

That’s when the husband did something inexplicable: He created a fake Middlebury alumni email address and emailed his wife ‘about a new program for Middlebury alums to mentor each other’. 

‘I told her she was assigned to Jason Mantzoukas,’ he said. ‘She was thrilled and so I’ve been exchanging emails with her from Jason Mantzoukas. I was incredibly sad to see that it got flirtatious fast.’

The husband went on to say that lust ‘got the better’ of him since his wife ‘isn’t really very sexually active’ with him, so he started ‘sending her headless nudes of some hairy looking guy I found on google and she’s been sending nudes back’. 

‘So she’s kind of having an affair,’ he said.

‘I know this sounds insane but I kind of want to go with it as this is the most sexual I’ve been with my wife in a while. It’s a bit soul crushing though because I am pretending to be Jason Mantzoukas,’ he added.

Hilarious: The bizarre post has since been shared on Twitter, where it has gone viral

The bizarre post has since been shared on Twitter, where it has gone viral.

‘This is, not going to lie here, one of the funniest posts I’ve seen on this board. I’m imagining Mantzoukas sexting exactly like he talks on the Good Place and that is NOT helping,’ wrote one commenter.

‘I’m sorry but she HAD to know it was her husband. They talk about the guy and then right after she gets paired up with him? And how do you create a fake alum address, like or something? I’m struggling to see how this would be very convincing,’ wrote another.

‘Next time you’re unhappy in your relationship, talk to your partner, don’t pretend to be comedic actor, writer, and podcaster Jason Mantzoukas,’ said a third.

‘You’ve betrayed both your wife and national treasure Jason Mantzoukas,’ yet another commenter chastised.


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