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Man is urged to dump his girlfriend after she got into an argument over his dog


‘She’s out of her mind!’ Man is urged to DUMP his girlfriend after revealing she stormed out his house in the middle of the night because he slept on the floor to comfort his crying dog

  • A US-based man took to Reddit to ask for some advice about his relationship 
  • He explained that he adopted a retired military dog a year ago, and that the pooch ‘has some PTSD’
  • The man’s girlfriend of four months was staying the night at his house when the dog started crying and whimpering 
  • He went to comfort his pet and ended up falling asleep on the floor next to him – only to wake up to a furious text from his girlfriend 
  • She had woken up and saw that he had left the bed, and was furious at him for treating the dog like he ‘is more important than her’ 

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A man has been told to break up with his girlfriend by strangers on the internet after revealing that she stormed out of his house in the middle of the night when he went to sleep on the floor and comfort his crying dog. 

The US-based pet owner shared his relationship drama on Reddit, where he explained that he adopted a retired military dog a year ago – eight months before he met his girlfriend of four months. 

In his post, the 30-year-old explained that his dog ‘has some PTSD’ after spending time in the military,  and finds loud noises ‘pretty hard’ to deal with. 

Upset: A man took to Reddit to vent about his relationship woes, revealing that his girlfriend of four months got into an argument with him when he slept on the floor with his dog 

Confrontation: The 30-year-old adopted the dog from the military a year ago, and noted that the poor pup struggles with PTSD 

‘I have been dating my [girlfriend] for about four months,’ he wrote at the start of his post. ‘I adopted a retired military dog about a year ago. He has some ptsd and loud noises can be pretty hard for him.’ 

The man went on to explain that the night before he wrote his post, his dog was ‘having some issues’ and could be heard ‘whimpering and crying’. 

‘I went down to the floor to check on him,’ he recalled. ‘My [girlfriend] was staying the night [but] he was pretty shaken up. So I stayed on the floor to comfort him all night. I fell asleep with him on the floor.’ 

Although providing comfort for his beloved pooch felt like the right thing to do in the moment, the man said that he woke up to a furious message from his girlfriend, 28, who had actually stormed out of his house in the night after waking up to find him gone. 

‘When I woke up my [girlfriend] was no longer in the house and I had a text saying how the dog was more important than her and stuff like that,’ he wrote, before asking social media users for their thoughts on the subject. 

‘I don’t know what to do. At this point I think she was being pretty selfish and it makes me mad. She knows he has some issues. I might even [want] to end this relationship.’

After the post was shared on Twitter by the account @redditships, dozens of users were quick to leap to the man’s defense – slamming his girlfriend’s behavior while urging him to end the relationship immediately. 

‘If [he] had kicked the girlfriend out of the bed to let the dog in could understand her being a bit upset – but he slept on the floor with his traumatized dog and she got a bed to herself for the night and uninterrupted sleep – what is her issue?!’ one person commented. 

Another added: ‘What the eff, a dude who spends the night with a traumatized dog is solid gold. Lady’s out of her mind.’ 

Determined: Twitter users were quick to tell the man to dump his girlfriend, insisting that she was wrong to get angry at him for caring for his dog

Agreement: Others admitted that they have gladly put their dogs before anyone and anything else in their lives, with one person sharing their own sweet story about caring for a pup

Many others praised the man, insisting that his behavior was incredibly caring and kind – and noting that it would likely have made him seem all the more attractive to many other women. 

‘If watching a person get on the floor and comfort a distressed animal isn’t an instant “ho s**t that’s dating material” I dunno what to say,’ one person said. ‘That’s the most “This dude is demonstrating how caring he can be” possible.’ 

Another Twitter user agreed wholeheartedly, commenting: ‘He slept on the floor to comfort a sad animal. That is a unicorn man! That is a romance novel dude!’

Others shared their own stories about times when they have put their beloved pups above all else, with one person recalling taking turns with his wife to sleep on the floor with their dog while she recovered from surgery. 

‘Keep the dog, dump the girl,’ the Twitter user advised. ‘My dog had surgery & I took PTO to stay home with her, we took turns sleeping on the floor with her during her recovery. 

‘You are an amazing dog parent, most people would appreciate your heart, don’t settle for someone that doesn’t.’

However, not everyone was in agreement that the man’s girlfriend had acted inappropriately, with one user admitting that they would be ‘pretty upset’ to wake up in the middle of the night and find their partner had gone. 

‘Honestly I would be pretty upset if I woke in the night and my partner was gone and I didn’t know why?’ the person wrote, before suggesting that the man could help to ease his girlfriend’s concerns by better communicating with her. 

‘Perhaps this is a communication issue – leave her a lil note by the bed saying you love her but the pup is really frantic tonight and you need to check on him.’


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