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Man wrestled to ground ‘trying to abduct’ girl, 4 in South Africa


‘Child snatch’ horror: Man is wrestled to the ground after ‘trying to abduct’ four-year-old at a South African restaurant as terrified mother tries to hold on to the girl

  • Shocking footage shows an attempted kidnapping in  Roodepoort, Guateng
  • A 24-year-old man grabs a girl by her neck in front of her horrified mother
  • The restaurant’s owner grapples the attacker to the ground until police arrive 

By Joe Davies For Mailonline

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A man who tried to snatch a four-year-old girl in front of her mother at a South African restaurant was wrestled down to the ground.

Shocking footage shows the 24-year-old man grab the girl by her neck in front of her horrified mother.

The man tried to take her at Bella Napoli in Florida, Roodepoort, Guateng, at around 5pm on Thursday.

A man who tried to snatch a four-year-old girl in front of her mother at a restaurant in Roodepoort, South Africa, was wrestled down to the ground by the shop owner

As the man grabs her child, the mother jumps over the table to grab hold of her and stop him from taking her away

In the video, two women sit talking to the child when a man suddenly appears outside  the pizza restaurant.

As the woman wearing a black jacket turns, the man leaps over the railings into the seating area.

He heads straight for the child, walking past both women at pace, and grabs her by the neck, before one of the women leaps across the table to stop him.

The restaurant owner holds down the 24-year-old attacker in a leg lock until police arrive to arrest him

As the women turn their heads, the attacker leaps over the rails of the restaurant and jumps in to snatch the child

She is pulled across the table by him as she holds on desperately to the child and the other woman tries to stop the attacker.

The restaurant owner grabs hold of the attacker and pulls him down to the ground, holding him down in a leg lock.

More people come from off the street to help pin the attacker down as the women and child run away to safety.

Two police officers arrive and pull the owner restraining the attacker off so they can arrest him, still lying on the ground. 

The mother was dragged across the table by the attacker as she desperately clung to her child

Florida Police confirmed the man was arrested after the attempted kidnapping at the pizza restaurant. 

Sergeant Mpho Mpre told News24: ‘The complainant was at the [restaurant] with her four-year-old child when an unknown man came and grabbed the child by the neck as if he wanted to take her.

‘The mother and the child screamed and with the help of the shop owner and the community, the suspect was apprehended.’

The 24-year-old appeared in Roodepoort Magistrates Court on an assault charge this morning.


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