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Manhattan subway train derails after ‘laughing homeless man throws metal clamps onto the tracks’


Manhattan subway train derails after ‘laughing homeless man throws metal clamps onto the tracks’

  • An A train heading uptown through the West Village derailed Sunday morning
  • Police say a homeless person put metal clamps on the tracks to watch the train derail and laughed as he watched
  • Three people were injured when the 8:17am train came off the tracks
  • The man was detained by police after travelers on the train restrained him 

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Police in New York have arrested a homeless man who placed metal clamps on subway tracks and watched, laughing, as a train derailed, injuring three people. 

The incident occurred in the West Village, as the uptown A train was entering the 14th St – Eighth Avenue station at 8:17 am.

The homeless man had found a pile of tie plates, which are normally used to secure the train tracks to the foundations, on a pile of construction materials at the 14th St. station, police sources told the New York Daily News

He took the plates and put them on the tracks before the train came into the station. 

When the train pulled in, three of the subway cars derailed – and the homeless man was seen laughing as the train swerved.

The uptown A train derailed in the West Village on Sunday morning

Subway service in Manhattan was severely impacted by the Sunday morning crash

About 30 people were evacuated from the train, and they helped detain the homeless man – who was spotted celebrating his accomplishment. 

He was arrested and taken away by police, who are yet to file charges.

The front of the train was ripped away when the train derailed on Sunday morning

Three passengers suffered minor injuries. 

One refused medical attention. Another was treated at the scene while the third was taken to Bellevue Hospital for further treatment, officials said. 

The wheels on one of the derailed train cars were destroyed in the crash, and a third rail in the station collapsed upon impact, knocking out power to all four tracks in the station. Other rails were also badly damaged. 

The power outage affected other trains on the line, with an A train becoming stuck in a tunnel beneath 34th Street.

All uptown A, C, D, E and F trains were being rerouted, causing extensive delays in Manhattan. 

Emergency services had to rescue people trapped in a tunnel beneath 34th Street

Several subway lines passing through Manhattan were thrown into chaos by the crash


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