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Michael Cohen’s daughter calls Ivanka ‘phony and gross’, says her dad felt sorry for Don Jr.


In Michael Cohen’s tell-all memoir Disloyal, released this week, President Donald Trump‘s former lawyer provides insight on a moment when his old boss made some suggestive comments towards his at-the-time teen daughter. 

Cohen claimed that Trump made comments pertaining to his at-the-time 15-year-old daughter Samantha’s buttocks, answering in disbelief once his lawyer shared that the woman in question was his daughter. 

The former lawyer said Trump asked him: ‘When did she get so hot?”  

Michael Cohen claimed that Donald Trump made comments about his daughter’s looks when she was just 15 years old in 2012

‘When did you get such a beautiful figure?,’ Trump allegedly asked Samantha when she came over to speak with Trump and her father, with the future-president telling her that he would eventually be dating one of her friends. 

The year was 2012 and the tale strikes a similar chord with stories of President Trump making similar comments about young women and their bodies, including remarks made about his own daughter Ivanka.

‘When did you get such a beautiful figure?,’ Trump allegedly asked Samantha, Cohen said in his book Disloyal

Samantha, now 24, explained to Vanity Fair that the remark was not the ‘first comment’ that she had heard like the one Trump allegedly made towards her. 

‘It was almost meaningless to me at the moment because I’d heard them before,’ she said. ‘If you can hit on a 15-year-old, I am pretty sure there is something wrong with you, and when you allow someone with that little integrity to be in the most powerful office, that sets the tone for the rest of the country’s culture.’ 

Samantha, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania like Trump’s own daughters, told a different account of what happened when she met Trump as a 15-year-old teen. 

‘My dad always tuned out everything negative Trump said about him, but what I remember was Trump saying, “Thank God she got those looks from her mother. She certainly didn’t get them from you.” That’s the part that stood out to me,’ she explained. ‘I was not desensitized to someone putting down my dad and insulting him and degrading him.’ 

‘That was one of the reasons I hated Trump so much. It always felt like, God forbid my dad came close to not needing him. If my dad had any successes outside of the Trump Organization, Trump cut his bonus or cut his salary. He would find ways to undermine my dad in the office. Trump was holding him back. He had a twisted umbilical cord to Trump.’ 

Samantha said her father had ‘Stockholm syndrome,’ describing Trump as having ‘occupied 99.9 per cent’ of her father’s time

Cohen was aware of how mean Trump was to his own children, Samantha said, which made him believe he was being treated on the same level as the family when the president was ‘blatantly mean to him’

Samantha said her father had ‘Stockholm syndrome,’ describing Trump as having ‘occupied 99.9 per cent’ of her father’s time. She describes Trump as being ‘blatantly mean’ to Michael Cohen, quickly snatching her father from his usual routine of things – like driving her to school. 

‘We’d be on vacation and he’d be down the beach trying to get cell signal,’ Samantha asserted. ‘When my dad says the first call and last call of Trump’s day were to him, I can tell you without any question how accurate that is because I was there for all of it.’ 

Samantha shared that her father as being ‘really close’ with Don Jr. when he first started working with Trump, describing a moment when their two families enjoyed a ‘big family dinner in Palm Beach’ (Samantha pictured in 2018)

Cohen’s daughter says her father was constantly aware of how Trump treated his own children, believing Michael Cohen was fine with the abuse because he felt a part of the family. 

‘That was hard for me to understand at the time, but then I realized that he spent 10 hours a day with him, and he had this whole second life,’ Samantha said. ‘He was correct when he says he was attracted to the power and the allure, but he also believed he loved Trump. When he loves someone he would do anything for them, and unfortunately he came to care about the wrong person.’ 

Samantha shared that her father as being ‘really close’ with Don Jr. when he first started working with Trump, describing a moment when their two families enjoyed a ‘big family dinner in Palm Beach.’

‘My dad used to tell me how mean Trump was to Don Jr. and how badly he felt for him,’ she said, saving her more icier comments for Ivanka. 

Samantha added: ‘Ivanka lived in our building. She would totally ignore me if she ever saw me. I always found it so strange because she loved my dad. She came over one night because he made his “famous” lasagna. Whenever we were alone, though, she’d look past me. One time she told on me after she saw me smoking cigarettes outside of our building. It was so lame.’ 

Samantha said that Ivanka would ‘totally ignore’ her when she saw her

‘I had an interaction with her last year. It was a couple of months before my dad got sentenced. I was walking out of the building. I knew that she was in town because Secret Service was everywhere. I walked out of the building and she was standing waiting for her driver. She saw me and I thought she was going to ignore me, as she had the rest of my life. But she grabbed my arm and said, “We all feel so terribly about what’s happening to your dad. Our hearts are breaking for him. I’m so sorry that this happened to you guys,” in this high-pitched, sugary voice. 

‘I knew how fake it was. I have no idea why she said that to me because I know she doesn’t care, and it was too late to send a message to my dad. I don’t know if she was trying to make herself feel better, or if she did it for show because there were other people in the lobby. It just felt like someone threw a bucket of slime on me because it was so phony and gross. But no one actually gave a rat’s a*s about my dad or my mom or my brother or me. We were all, as my dad likes to say, collateral damage.’

Samantha shared that her father was surprisingly close with Tiffany Trump, who she said the president ‘never wanted to deal with.’ As a result, the two got ‘super close,’ according to Samantha, who said that the two often hung out together in New York.    

Samantha said that Tiffany Trump was made to feel her entire life as if she was ‘unwanted’ and believes she is just trying to fit in

Their relationship was so close that when she was a junior in high school, Samantha went to visit Tiffany at Penn. The two would continue to be friends at university, Samantha shared.  

‘This isn’t anything she’s explicitly said to me, but it can’t be easy being made to feel your entire life like you’re unwanted,’ Samantha shared. ‘I won’t speak to her now, but if I could, I would say something. When I see her speaking at the RNC, I know there’s no way she believes that s**t. She has friends who are g*y. She’s an Ivy League–educated woman. There’s no way that she thinks that any of this is a good idea, and her dad treated her like shit her whole life.

‘She never really got the perks of being a Trump kid before. But this is how and when she wants it? Being part of the most hated family in America?’ 

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