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Moment cops drag a furious man out of a school board meeting for refusing to wear a face mask


‘You’re going to have to drag me out’: Powerful guy gives cops no choice but to haul him out of South Dakota school board meeting when he refuses to wear a mask

  • Cops were forced to remove a man, Reed Bender, from a school board meeting
  • A district mandate requires all people to wear masks on school district property
  • But Bender refused to put one on or leave the building in Mitchell, South Dakota
  • The two cops are seen reluctantly telling the man they will have to remove him
  • When he refuses, the cops drag him away, threatening him with a stun gun 

By Chris Jewers For Mailonline

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This is the moment cops dragged a furious man out of a school board meeting for refusing to wear a mask in South Dakota.

The meeting was being held in Mitchell, South Dakota, where Reed Bender was asked to either wear a mask or leave the building.

At the start of the video shared on Facebook, two police officers from Mitchell Police Division are seen entering the room, where they ask Bender – who is sitting at the front of the meeting by himself – to stand up and leave the meeting.

It is inferred that the board called the police after Bender – named by the Mitchell Republic – refused to leave. A district mandate states all people on Mitchell School District property must wear a mask.

‘I know you don’t want to do it, but unfortunately, you have to follow these fool’s rules, right?’ Bender says, still refusing to leave. ‘Force me out. You’re going to have to drag me out.’  

A man named Reed Bender is dragged out of a school board meeting in Mitchell, South Dakota after he refused to put on a mask or leave the building

The police officer replies, saying ‘If it’s part of their policy that you have to wear a mask while you are here, then you’ve got to wear a mask,’ before asking Bender if he’s really not going to move, and force their hand.

‘You are sowing discord in our communities at every level. It’s disgusting’ Bender says to the board members, who are sitting out of shot of the camera.

He repeats that he will not leave willingly, and that the police officers will have to drag him out of the meeting room.

The officers move to lift him out of his seat, but Bender struggles back as he is being taken down the isle between the chairs in the room.

One of the officers pulls out a stun gun and threatens to use it on him if he does not comply, and after another small struggle, he appears to accept his fate and walks with them more cooperatively.

Some of the other attendees at the meeting appeared displeased with the school board’s decision to call the police and to remove Bender from the meeting.

When the police first enter the room, they are seen speaking with the man, asking him to leave willingly – telling him that if he refuses they will drag him out

The man refuses, so they move to live him out of the chair at the front of the room and begin to drag him away from the meeting down the isle between the chairs

One woman, who can be heard protesting throughout, is shown in the video standing up with a mask hanging under her chin.

‘He just wants to have a say in what’s going on. We pay school taxes,’ she says, calling out contradictions in the state’s enforcement of wearing face masks. ‘This is an embarrassment and we all should be embarrassed.

‘Let’s all get in a huddle like we did on Friday night at the football game. How many people are on the football team?’ she says.

He is seen struggling against the two smaller police officers, who try to forcibly remove him from the building as the other meeting attendees watch on

When the man begins to struggle more, one of the cops draws his stun gun, stepping back from the man threatening to tase him

After being threatened with a stun gun, the man is more compliant, and walks out of the meeting with the two cops

‘We put them on a pedestal and we let them get into a group and chant. I get that sports are important but how is that more important than every other student, chorus, and all the other activities that go on.’

The Mitchell School District issued a mandate in July stating that anyone entering the school must wear a mask, according to Newsweek.

‘Never in my entire career as a superintendent have I had that happen before,’ Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves told the Mitchell Republic after the meeting. 

‘The board said there is a masking mandate and everyone in the school building must wear a mask. 

‘We gave the gentleman fair warning of that and offered him a mask. He refused, so the board had to enforce the mandate.’

The end of the video shows a woman, pictured standing up, arguing with the members of the board pictures to the left out of shot over the consistency of the mask policy


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