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Mother, 41, looks identical to daughter, 16, – so can you tell who is older? 


Youthful mother, 41, baffles Tiktok users with clips alongside ‘identical’ daughter, 16, who viewers swear ‘looks like her TWIN’ – so can you tell who is older?

  • American Stacie Smith, 41, has baffled internet with videos alongside daughter 
  • Mother and her teenage child Madison, 16, appear almost identical in viral clips
  • In one clip, which has over 1 million views, the pair wear matching outfits 

By Harriet Johnston For Mailonline

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A forty-something mother is leaving internet users baffled by appearing in viral videos alongside her ‘identical’ teenage daughter.

American parent Stacie Smith, 41, has stumped many TikTok users with her clips alongside Madison, 16, who many say looks more like her twin than her child.

In one clip, which has quickly racked up over 1 million views, the nursery teacher and the teenager can be seen wearing matching outfits and dancing for the camera, while the caption read: ‘Aren’t you that mother/daughter duo that people think are twins? Since it’s said so often, we went there. Still don’t see it!’

Many social media users said they’d been left stunned by the duo’s likeness, with one commenting: ‘To say that I was shocked in the resemblance is an understatement! Twins.’

American parent Stacie Smith, 41, has stumped TikTok users by filming clips alongside her daughter Madison, 16, with many saying she looks more like her twin than her child.

The nursery teacher often shares hilarious videos on the social media platform alongside her teenage daughter 

The mother has filmed a series of clips with Madison and often challenges her 20,000 followers to tell them apart.

With their matching shoulder-length blond locks, big blue eyes and identical beaming smiles, it’s not hard to see why the mother daughter duo often confuse viewers.  

And to add to confusion, Stacie regularly shares Tiktoks where she and her daughter dance together in identical outfits. 

And in a recent viral clip, the pair donned matching striped jumpers and denim shorts, leaving many commenters questioning who was the parent and who was the daughter.

The mother-daughter duo recently went viral with a clip dancing in matching striped sweaters and denim shorts 

One user commented: ‘3D printers have come a long way…’

Meanwhile, another added: ‘God literally said, ‘Copy and paste.”

Another person wrote: ‘I’ve watched this 10 times trying to figure out which one was the mum. Had to come to the comments to find out.’

‘Why did I think this was the reflection filter?’ another commented.

Stacie insisted that despite what viewers say, she doesn’t believe she looks like her daughter’s twin (pictured, in another dancing video) 

One added:  ‘Wow. I was waiting for mom to wait in then saw she was there the whol time.’

Stacie responded to many comments on the now viral clip to say they ‘made her day’ before clarifying that she is the one on the left.

After one person jokingly asked if she had Madison ‘when [she] was two’, the mum replied: ‘Bhaahha I’m dying! I had her when I was 25. I’m 41. She’s 16.’

Social media users were left baffled by the clips, with many calling Stacie and Madison ‘identical’ 


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