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Namibia: Aspiring Coders Get a Playground


TECH enthusiasts and coders can now benefit from a physical space with equipment enabling them to conduct their business efficiently.

This was announced by the DoBox Trust recently.

Paratus Namibia, who is powering the space called CodeCave with internet access, released a statement on Wednesday indicating its aim is to boost the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem in Namibia.

The DoBox Trust, which is part of the Dololo, will be operating the facility at a fee for all those who need a space to fulfil their coding needs.

To change Namibia’s tech ecosystem the DoBox Trust has partnered with the Finnish embassy’s Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) to establish the CodeCave.

This space will offer budding entrepreneurs a shared space with access to computer facilities, and it will empower coders and software developers to improve their skills, exposing them to a dynamic network at the same time.

The project will provide shared resources for teaching coding and software development.

Dololo co-founder, Chantal Claassen, says: “We are extremely proud of how far we have come with the DoBox and how we are impacting the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing platforms such as CodeCave to further grow the economy.”

Andrew Hall, Paratus Namibia’s managing director, says the internet sponsorship meets their vision of empowering future generations by bridging the gap of access to technology and information.

He says through innovative services such as the CodeCave entrepreneurs are given a platform to excel, and it provides a much-needed boost for the technology ecosystem and the Namibian economy as a whole.

Hall says information and communication technology will always remain a key enabler for economic growth, and the company will remain committed to creating an unlimited future for entrepreneurs and innovators.

In creating awareness, the CodeCave is inviting freelancers who need a place to code, and coding enterprises to a 30-day user promotion.

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