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Obese moggy cat that was abandoned because of its weight finds loving home


It’s cat-zilla! Lasagna the 30lb feline finds a new home after being abandoned at a New York shelter 

  • Lasagna was found by shelter staff abandoned in a dog crate in Philadelphia
  • The obese cat tips the scale at 29.5lbs, and is as big as a three-year-old child 
  • ACCT Philly shelter were pleading for someone to take loving Lasagna home
  • The massive feline was put on a strict diet in hopes it’ll help her shift the weight 

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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An abandoned 30lb monster moggy who weighs the same as a three-year-old has embarked on a diet and fitness regime in a desperate bid to shift the ‘quarantine flab’. 

Lasagna, who tips the scales at a whopping 29.5lbs (2st 1lb) is nearly four times the healthy 8lbs weight for a cat and struggled to walk and groom herself. 

The plump cat was found abandoned in a dog crate overnight in Hunting Park by ACCT Philly shelter workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Sunday September 20. 

Stunned staff put Lasagna, named after Garfield’s favorite meal, on a strict diet and had to help her clean herself, a task she found impossible to do due to her size. 

Since sharing snaps of the five-year-old domestic short-haired cat, the shelter was flooded with offers from people who fell in love with Lasagna’s ‘chunky’ frame and penchant for belly rubs. 

Lasagna was adopted yesterday by the Hammer family from Vineland, New Jersey, who have vowed to shower her with love and help her shift the stubborn weight. 

Lasagna, an obese moggy cat from Philadelphia,was found in a dog crate by the ACCT Philly shelter. She weighs almost 30lbs (2st 1lb), the weight of a three-year-old child 

ACCT’s director of development and communications Sarah Barnett said: ‘Lasagna’s very friendly and social, and enjoys belly rubs. 

‘The ideal adopter for a cat like this is someone who understands that while it’s cute, it is extremely unhealthy for an animal to be this size. 

‘They need to be willing to work with a vet to help the animal lose weight in a healthy way. 

‘Obese cats can have a variety of health problems occur – diabetes, thyroid issues, joint issues, heart problems – the list goes on. 

Gentle Lasagna (pictured) was put on a strict diet in a bid to help her shift the weight. Being overweight can lead to serious health issues for cats

Because of her large frame, Lasagna (pictured) suffers from stiff joints but she is young enough to turn the tide around and get back to a healthy life 

‘She already suffers from stiff joints as well as not being able to groom herself. 

‘Right now she is fortunate in that she is a young five-year-old cat, so in a home that can help her lose the weight with the guidance of a vet, she will hopefully live a long happy and healthier life.’

Sarah said the shelter was inundated with offers of support to help Lasagna, and hopes that people will consider helping other abandoned cats. 

Sarah said: ‘We are always sad to see an animal abandoned as it means we don’t get that animal’s history, and we also miss the opportunity to talk to the owner surrendering a pet to see if we can help them keep the animal. 

Lasagna has now found a loving home who will hopefully help her lose the weight and get healthy 

The shelter had to bathe Laagna because her condition means she cannot do it herself, as it is  too painful 

‘Sometimes people hit hard times and just need a helping hand to get through it. 

‘We’ve received inquiries from hundreds of people about Lasagna, and it’s great because it shows people want to help. 

‘We hope that everyone who was interested in Lasagna considers another cat who needs a home, there are so many and adult cats are often overlooked because they are stressed when in shelter environments.’

You can donate to help cats in urgent need of medical care here: 

ACCT’s director of development and communications Sarah Barnett said people needed to understand that it was extremely unhealthy for a cat to be this big

Sweet lasagna loves belly rubs, is very sociable and friendly, but she needs supervision to lose the weight 

The shelter was inundated with offers of support to help Lasagna, and hopes that people will consider helping other abandoned cats


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