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Positive Covid-19 case confirmed in second Dublin school


A number of pupils have been sent home from a primary school in west Dublin, following a positive case of coronavirus.

The case is the second linked to a school in as many days, with a primary school in southwest Dublin sending a classroom of pupils home for two weeks on Tuesday following a confirmed case.

It is understood the individual who tested positive and other pupils deemed “close contacts” have been sent home from the west Dublin primary school, which is located several kilometres away from the other school in which there was a case.

The latest positive test was confirmed on Tuesday, with parents informed by the school shortly afterwards. The mixed primary school has more than 200 pupils.

It is understood the majority of the class were deemed to be close contacts of the pupil, and will now self-isolate for two weeks at home, while awaiting two rounds of Covid-19 testing.

All family members of a child with suspected Covid-19 symptoms have to self-isolate while the child is awaiting a test. However, this requirement would not extend to other children in the class sent home from the school, unless they begin to display symptoms.

Under current HSE guidelines all pupils in a class will not automatically be referred for testing if there is a confirmed coronavirus case.

The number of students in a class deemed “close contacts” of pupils who test positive for Covid-19 and referred for testing will be “variable” to each classroom and school, HSE guidance states.

In primary schools, where students are divided into smaller groups called “pods,” it is likely the other students in a pod would be deemed “close contacts” of a case. However, students in other pods in the classroom would not be, and as such would not be referred for testing.

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