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Respected Journalist, Deji Bademosi, donates classrooms, other facilities to alma mater


Multiple award-winning journalist and founder of online TV channel, TV360, Deji Bademosi, has donated three blocks of classrooms and other infrastructure to St. Ambrose’s Catholic Secondary School, Ondo in Ondo State.

The school, which was established by the Catholic Church in October 1977 before it was taken over by the government, had become dilapidated due to lack of maintenance and lack of infrastructure over its 42 years of existence.

Mr Bademosi, an alumnus of the institution and senior prefect of the 1994 set, said he had revisited the school last year with the aim of calling the attention of the government to the sorry state of the school.

However, after seeing the horrible condition of the classrooms, he decided to build three blocks of classrooms, pulling down the old ones.

The three new blocks comprise nine classrooms and three staffrooms in total in the junior secondary section of the school. Each staffroom is fully furnished with workstations, seats and text booksfor the staff to aid teaching.

One of the classroom blocks donated by Mr Deji BademosiOne of the classroom blocks donated by Mr Deji BademosiDangote adbanner 728x90_2 (1)

“No matter how committed a government is or no matter how dedicated we all are in our service to the state, when it comes to education, I personally don’t believe that government is the best vehicle for education. Government should provide policies, government should regulate but government should work with the community and all those who are interested in rendering service in the line of education,” Mr Fayemi said.

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