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Rest of country can ‘transit’ through Dublin for overseas travel


People arriving into the country or those from other counties flying abroad can “transit” through Dublin, despite the new restrictions on movement in the capital, the Government has said.

People living in Dublin are asked not to travel to other counties or internationally to other countries, under new restrictions announced by the Government. There are exemptions to the restrictions on movement for work, education or other essential reasons.

Those living outside of Dublin will be allowed to “transit” through the county if required to travel abroad. Similarly people travelling to other parts of the country will be permitted to land in Dublin and leave the county.

The Government has put Dublin into Level 3 category of Covid-19 restrictions, with strict limits on gatherings, social activities and movement out of the county. The measures come into effect from midnight on Friday for an initial period of three weeks.

Speaking on Friday, Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan clarified the restrictions on people leaving the capital would not apply to overseas visitors arriving in Dublin and then travelling to other parts of the country.

“If someone is coming in in-transit through Dublin, yes that is allowed and yes people will be doing that,” he told a press conference in Government Buildings.

“For people in Dublin it is the same restrictions apply whether you are moving around the country or moving internationally, the same restrictions apply,” the Green Party leader said.

“The same regulations apply, unless it’s for work, study, or for essential purposes, and that applies for international travel and travel around the country,” he said.

When questioned on how authorities would enforce the measure Mr Ryan said gardaí and airport officials would use “their discretion”.

“That is something the Government doesn’t manage, it’s up to the airport authority and the gardaí to enforce those regulations,” he said.

In recent days the Government has updated its “green list” of countries deemed safe for overseas travel. People are not required to restrict their movements for 14 days upon return from countries on the list.

Italy and Greece were recently removed from the list over rising Covid-19 infection rates in those countries.

From Monday, September 21st, the seven countries on Ireland’s green list are Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

The green list system is to be replaced next month with a European Union-wide “traffic-light” system, indicating which countries have suppressed the virus to safe levels.

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