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Six Madrid cops hit woman’s head on car as they arrest her for not wearing a mask


Six Madrid cops force woman into police car and hit her head on the vehicle as they arrest her for not wearing a mask in front of crowd chanting ‘freedom!’

  • Unidentified woman was arrested in the Spanish capital on Saturday
  • She told officers she would not wear a mask before they bundled her into car
  • She was arrested as hundreds of coronavirus deniers took to the streets
  • Spain has recorded the fourth highest number of deaths in Europe 

By Ross Ibbetson For Mailonline

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Six Madrid cops have been filmed forcing a woman into a police car and hitting her head off the vehicle during an arrest for not wearing a mask.  

The unidentified woman was seized in the Spanish capital on Saturday during protests by hundreds of coronavirus deniers.

It is not clear if the woman was participating in the demonstrations but those watching could be heard shouting, ‘Libertad!’  

The onlookers could be heard groaning when officers rammed the woman headlong into the vehicle as she put up staunch resistance. 

The unidentified woman was detained in the Spanish capital on Saturday during protests by hundreds of coronavirus deniers (pictured: struggling with officers before being shoved into the back of the police car)

‘I am not going to put on the face mask,’ the woman yelled at the officers at the beginning of the encounter. 

After showing no signs of compliance, officers led the screaming woman into their patrol car, but were unable to place her inside and she yelled to the onlookers, ‘Film them!’

After officers were forced to wrestle with the suspect for about a minute, some witnesses can be heard criticising them for being too rough.

Several cops were seen placing their hands on top of the woman’s head to try to put her in the car while she shouted for help.

The police were eventually able to place her inside the vehicle after picking her up and sliding her in horizontally.

Several witnesses then start chanting ‘Freedom’ after she was finally placed inside the vehicle and officers quickly closed the door after her.

It is unclear if there is an open investigation on the incident.

Authorities report around 500 people attended the COVID-19 conspiracy march which they organised via social media and did not notify the government.

The woman provided staunch resistance to the officers who resorted to forcefully shoving her head into the side of their vehicle

Police claim they identified 110 people who were not wearing masks.

The protest resulted in 13 detentions, however, it is unclear if the woman’s arrest was included in this number.

The people arrested for not wearing their masks face a fine between £260 and £535.

Spain has recorded the second highest number of cases of the disease in Europe with 498,989 and the fourth most deaths, with 29,418 fatalities.


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