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Snapsong 116


Niyi Osundare

Whoever writes your history

Controls your story

Whoever sings your song is the one

Whose voice the world remembers

Once upon not too long a time

Said a hungry man to his clever neighbour:

Consume all there is in my brimming barn

So that I may go to bed with a bulging belly

What kind of world is this we are in:

The Master stubs his toe

His servant reels from the consequent pain

The shoe dictates the size of the foot

A world upside down

Like the bat of night

The moon up the sky

Is morose with murky musing

The river wonders what to do

With its surfeit of water

The desert is way too far

To hear its song of excess

Tyranny hardly ever knocks

Before its iron entry

The Emperor eyes the world

From the wrong corner of Conscience

More than 100 BLM protesters shut down George Washington Bridge in Manhattan

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