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Squirrel crawls through tiny gap and sends hawk crashing into a wall

  • Squirrel runs towards a wall outside a property in Urbana, Illinois on August 31
  • The creature then crawls underneath a narrow gap at the bottom of the wall
  • Red-tailed hawk in close pursuit slams into wall as the squirrel disappears

By Bhvishya Patel For Mailonline

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This is the moment a quick-thinking squirrel escaped the talons of a hawk by squeezing though a gap under a wall.

Doorbell footage shows the bird smash straight into the wall of a home in Urbana, Illinois. 

The footage starts with the squirrel dashing towards the house. It pauses for a split second by the screen wall as the red-tailed hawk follows close behind.

In one swift movement, the creature slips through the narrow gap but the swooping hawk has no chance of stopping and smashes head-on into the wall.

The red-tailed hawk slams into the wall outside a property in Urbana, Illinois, as it swoops in to catch the squirrel

The squirrel runs towards a wall outside the property before squeezing through a gap at the bottom

The hawk rebounds onto the ground where it appears dazed but unhurt. 

It stands outside the property for a few seconds before flying away. 

The owner of the footage told Viral Hog it was filmed from a Nest camera on August 31 at 8.49 am. 

They added: ‘A squirrel can be seen entering from the right side of the screen. The squirrel then runs towards the left side of the screen, seemingly to a dead end

‘A red-tailed hawk then swoops in from the right as the squirrel disappears and the hawk collides with the wall. What can’t be seen is the fact that the wall at the dead end is decorative and has a gap at the bottom, which the squirrel escapes through.’ 

There are believed to be around 200 squirrel species around the world, with the most common being the tree squirrel. 

The startled bird of prey crashes into the wall after the squirrel disappears beneath a narrow gap 

The red-tailed hawk lands back on the ground and stand outside the property for a few seconds

Their slender bodies, which grow between five to 36 inches, allow them to fit into narrow gaps and holes as small as two inches.

Red-tailed hawks are North America’s most common hawks and grow between 18-26 inches tall.

The birds of prey, which are also known as buzzard hawks, are efficient hunters and will often catch mice, ground squirrels, rabbits and reptiles.


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