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The Eiffel Tower is evacuated due to a bomb threat


The Eiffel Tower is evacuated due to a bomb threat as armed police cordon off the Paris landmark

  • Eiffel Tower evacuated around midday by armed police who set up a cordon
  • Alert is thought to have been sparked by an anonymous call made to officers
  • Explosives teams are now thought to be sweeping the Parisian landmark  

By Peter Allen In Paris and Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: | Updated:

The Eiffel Tower has been evacuated after a bomb threat.

Police cordoned off the Parisian landmark around midday Wednesday after an anonymous phone call was made claiming explosives had been left there.

Armed officers could be seen at a cordon set up on nearby roads, while French media reported that explosives teams were searching the site.  

Police have evacuated and cordoned off the Eiffel Tower in Paris after an anonymous caller claimed that explosives had been left at the tourist attraction

Roads leading to the landmark, in Paris’s 7th arrondissement, have been closed while people are being told to avoid the area.

A source at the tower said: ‘The Eiffel Tower is currently closed until further notice, because of an unidentified caller saying a bomb has been planted. There has been an evacuation

‘Checks are being carried out, and a safety perimeter has been set up in the meantime. This is a routine precaution.’

Videos posted on social media showed police cars at the foot of the tower, with one poster tweeting: ‘Perimeter of Tour Eiffel cordoned off, police operation in progress.’

He said a police source had told him that a man ‘threatened to blow himself up’, but police would not verify this account.

Armed officers (pictured centre) could be seen stationed around the landmark while explosives teams swept the area

A source at the tower said the landmark would be closed until further notice while searches are carried out (pictured, officers at the tower)

The so-called ‘Iron Lady’ welcomes more than six million visitors a year, and regularly receives calls concerning security – many of which turn out to be hoaxes.

In 2018, perimeter defences including bullet proof glass screens were placed around the monument to protect against terror threats.

Terrorist groups which have threatened it in recent years include Al-Qaeda and Isis.

It has also been attacked by members of the anti-government Yellow Vest movement, which last year lit fires at the base of the tower, and destroyed perimeter fencing.


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