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Tree felling fail! Lumberjack yells out in fury as 50ft pine crashes down onto house roof


Tree felling fail! Amateur lumberjack yells out in fury as 50ft pine crashes down onto house roof

  • A man tried to chop down a tree from outside a house in Houston, Texas
  • Neighbour caught the moment the man exclaimed as the pine fell the wrong way
  • He yelled ‘Oh, God dammit,’ and a string of expletives as the tree hit the house

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

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This is the moment a man chopping down a tree makes a monumental mistake and sends the trunk falling through the roof of a nearby house. 

The hapless lumberjack can be heard yelling: ‘Oh, God dammit,’ before launching to a string of expletives at the top of his lungs as the massive pine crashes down on a suburban street in Houston, Texas

A neighbour caught the disaster on video after becoming concerned that all was not going to end well.

An amateur lumberjack attempted to chop down a tree in Houston, Texas 

Unfortunately for the man, the tree fell towards a nearby house and crushed its roof

Though due to his ineptitude, the tree could have fallen and crushed him instead

Homeowner Matt Bieniek, who was at work at the time, said: ‘She saw what was happening, and wanted to be ready.’ 

Unfortunately for the man, he appeared quite unaware of the works of Isaac Newton, who used a period of self isolation during the Black Death to describe the theory of gravity. 

The worker had hoped the tree would fall away from the house, though he made a critical mistake when cutting through the trunk. 

Instead of removing a wedge shape to encourage the tree to fall in a certain direction, he cut straight through in the hope gravity and a small rope would control the massive trunk. 

The video shows the man attempting to pull the tree, which weighed several tonnes, away from the house.  

A neighbour said they started filming the felling as they knew what was going to happen


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