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Trump calls Biden the ‘worst presidential candidate in history’ as crowd cheers for woman justice


President Donald Trump said he didn’t want to lose to the ‘worst presidential candidate’ in history, Democrat Joe Biden, as he went on a name-calling tour of his political enemies in Ohio Monday evening.  

Trump surveyed the crowd, asking if they wanted his next Supreme Court choice to be a man or a woman. ‘It will be a woman, it will be a woman and we are looking forward to it,’ the president said, when the crowd indicated by screams they’d prefer a feminine pick.  

The crowd booed when Trump mentioned Ohio’s Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, who was on hand, as the governor had implemented tough COVID-19 restrictions earlier this year. 

President Donald Trump campaigned in Ohio Monday night, telling a crowd in Vandalia that he didn’t want to lose to the ‘worst presidential candidate in history,’ Democrat Joe Biden 

Trump went after Joe Biden, photographed earlier Monday in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, telling supporters in Ohio that Biden’s ‘got no spirit, it’s dead as a rock’

Trump heralded Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, but the crowd booed the governor likely over his tough COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, which haven’t played well with the president’s crowd 

Trump seemed to be taken by surprise at the booing. 

‘He’s opening up,’ Trump said, understanding that the boos were likely coronavirus-related. ‘Thank you, Mike. He’s a good man.’ 

The theme of Trump’s speech in Vandalia, Ohio was ‘Fighting for the American Worker,’ and the event was technically not supposed to be a rally. 

When he arrived, the president called the gathering a ‘friendly protest.’ 

 ‘We’re protesting stupidity,’ the president said. 

Soon, Trump was tearing into Biden, who he mocked for not knowing what state he was in.  

The president suggested Biden would show up to Ohio and say, ‘it’s great to be in the state of Florida.’ 

‘And he looks around and doesnt see too many palm trees,’ Trump said. ‘There’s nothing you can do to save it,’ the president said of making that kind of gaffe, claiming that Biden has messed up locales seven times. 

Trump also got the audience going when he yelled out, ‘where is the son?’ a question about Hunter Biden.  

‘You know where he is, he’s in the basement with his father?’ Trump said. 

The president claimed that Biden ‘abused’ American workers with his trade policy. 

‘Which is why it’s time to retire Joe Biden,’ Trump said. 

At the same time, he suggested Biden could beat him at next week’s presidential debate, which will be the first of three. 

‘He’s been doing it for 47 years,’ Trump said. ‘He’s much more experienced,’ the president pointed out. 

He then reverted to his position that Biden is a terrible candidate. 

‘I will have lost to the worst presidential candidate in the history of politics,’ Trump said. 

‘Joe’s got no spirit, it’s dead as a rock,’ he said at another point.  

The president also lashed out at Biden’s running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris. 

‘She is nothing special,’ he said. 

‘I love Mike, but it’s not Pence-Trump,’ Trump went on, referencing how Biden had slipped up and called it the ‘Harris-Biden’ administration, a gaffe Trump called ‘strange,’ joking that his No. 2, Vice President Mike Pence, told the president, ‘You never have to do that.’  

And he rehashed some of the drama that happened during the Democratic primary. 

Trump called Sen. Bernie Sanders ‘the nicest loser I’ve ever seen.’ And he relished how Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who he again called ‘Pocahontas’ destroyed billionaire Democrat Mike Bloomberg on the debate stage. 

The president also went old school, knocking his 2016 rival Hillary Clinton. 

‘Hillary Clinton is the one who gives away classified information,’ Trump said. 

The crowd responded with a ‘lock her up!’ chant. 

‘How about that idiot John Bolton?’ Trump also asked, lumping his Republican ex-national security adviser in with his Democratic enemies. Trump suggested that all Bolton did was want to go to war. 

‘If I listened to that idiot, we’d be right now in World War Five,’ Trump said.   

One person the president did speak well of was Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

‘I like Putin. He likes me. We get along,’ Trump said. ‘But I’m having a hard time with China,’ Trump also offered.   

He also spoke well of his forthcoming Supreme Court pick. 

‘It will be a brilliant person,’ Trump said, cementing his commitment to pick a woman to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat. ‘OK here’s a question, it will be a woman, does anybody here – please raise your hand if you have the courage – is there anybody here that insists it will be and should be a man?’ Trump asked with a laugh.   

Seeing no obvious volunteers, Trump then looked at the crowd and had them scream for a male pick and a female pick, with the choice of a woman getting more cheers. 

‘It will be a woman,’ Trump said. 

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