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Trump mocks Biden for covering up his ‘PLASTIC SURGERY’ with a mask


Donald Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask and wonders why he spent ‘all that money on the PLASTIC SURGERY’ if he’s going to cover his face

  • President Donald Trump again mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask but took it a step further during his Pittsburgh rally Tuesday night 
  • ‘I mean honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he’s going to cover it up it up with a mask,’ Trump said
  • The president went after Biden for wearing a mask, to protect from spreading the coronavirus, on the day that marked 200,000 U.S. deaths from the virus  

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President Donald Trump again mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask and asked a crowd in Pittsburgh why the Democrat would spend ‘all that money on the plastic surgery’ to cover up his face. 

‘He feels good about the mask,’ Trump riffed. ‘I wonder in the debate, it will be him and I the stage, is he going to walk in with a mask?’  

The president had his predominantly mask-less audience in stitches, as he poked fun at Biden for mask-wearing on the same day that marked more than 200,000 Americans dying of COVID-19

President Donald Trump ridiculed Democrat Joe Biden for wearing a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus, telling a crowd in Pittsburgh he wonders why Biden spent ”all that money on the plastic surgery’ and then covers up his face 

Trump suggested that Biden’s smooth face was due to a little nip-and-tuck and mocked the Democrat for wearing a mask, even laughing about how he let’s it ‘hang down on his ear’ 

Medical experts say masks can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  

‘I’ll be honest, he feels good about that mask, and that’s OK,’ Trump said of his rival. 

He then paused, waiting to drop his next line. 

‘I mean honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he’s going to cover it up it up with a mask,’ Trump said. 

The Western Pennsylvania audience cheered. 

The president continued down this path, asking his supporters: ‘The question is will he leave it on during the debate?’ 

Biden and Trump are slated to go head-to-head on the presidential debate stage a week from today in Cleveland, Ohio. 

‘It makes him feel comfortable,’ Trump said of mask-wearing, snickering at Biden for sometimes letting his mask ‘hang down on his ear.’  

Trump’s personal punch at Biden’s looks came as the president has vowed to take the ‘gloves off’ with just 42 days before the presidential election.  

New York Magazine reported last October that Trump has privately marveled at the ‘work’ he claims was done on Biden’s smooth 77-year-old face, with writer Olivia Nuzzi calling it a ‘minor obsession’ of the president. 

‘Those who know him say the president is against plastic surgery (by which I assume they don’t mean breast implants) and, especially, bad plastic surgery, and he considers it an all-too-common tragedy when someone has their face inexpertly altered,’ she wrote. 

For years, however, there’s been speculation around Trump’s hair. 

Controversial journalist Michael Wolff wrote in his first book on the administration that Ivanka Trump, who was on hand in Pittsburgh Tuesday night, would poke fun at her father’s ‘do. And the book alleged Trump was no longer a natural blond. 

In the opening scene of his niece Mary Trump’s unflattering portrayal, the new President Trump shows off his teeth to his family. 

‘I got my teeth whitened. What do you think?’ the president said, according to Mary Trump. 

Spokespeople for the Biden campaign did not respond to’s request for comment on whether the former vice president had plastic surgery, as Trump claimed.  


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