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Trump ‘phoned Rupert Murdoch to yell at him about “unfair” Fox News coverage’


Trump ‘called Rupert Murdoch to yell at him about ‘unfair’ Fox News coverage that’s too harsh on him’ – as it’s claimed the media mogul thinks the president will LOSE in November and is trying to ‘steer his empire’ before possible election defeat

  • Sources say Trump feels like Murdoch is ‘not in his corner’ and has skewed coverage on Fox to reflect that 
  • Fox sources tell Vanity Fair that Murdoch thinks Trump will lose in November
  • They say he is preparing for a ‘post-Trump environment’ and that it’s ‘business’ 
  • Recently, Trump is said to have phoned Murdoch in a fury about the coverage 
  • It ended in a ‘humongous blow up’ between the pair, during which Murdoch defended Fox’s reporting – including polling that Trump said was fake 

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Donald Trump phoned Rupert Murdoch to yell at him about the ‘unfair’ coverage he was receiving from Fox News which he claimed was not biased enough towards him and is convinced he is not in his corner, it has been claimed.  

According to anonymous sources cited by Vanity Fair on Thursday, Murdoch does not think Trump – who he helped elect in 2016 with by far the most favorable mainstream news coverage of his campaign – will win a second term. 

In anticipation of a possible election defeat, Murdoch is trying to steer his empire towards a ‘post-Trump environment’, the sources say. 

Trump has picked up on the shift in bias and is furious about it, the sources added. 

Donald Trump with Rupert Murdoch and Murdoch’s wife Jerry Hall in Scotland in June 2016, after Murdoch changed his position to support Trump’s candidacy. Sources say relations between the two have now soured and Murdoch believes he will lose in November 

He was so angry that he called Murdoch and yelled at him about it, claiming coverage was not biased enough towards him, in a conversation that resulted in them having a ‘humongous blow up’. 

‘They had a humongous blowup. Trump yelled that Fox’s coverage is unfair and the polling is fake. 

‘Rupert defended the network’s standards and polling,’ the source said.

Trump was furious that Jennifer Griffin, a national security correspondent, went on air to talk about disparaging remarks he had made about the war dead. 

He also is paying more attention to One America News, a far-right network. 

Murdoch famously got behind Trump’s candidacy after resisting it in 2016. 

The president’s relationship with the network was a focal point throughout the campaign and has remained crucial throughout his presidency. 

According to other sources, he was disappointed when it was announced that Fox host Chris Wallace would be moderating a forthcoming presidential debate because Wallace is a tough and merciless interviewer. 

Wallace is registered as a Democrat but has said in the past that he only did so to be able to vote in Washington DC elections. 

Trump and Murdoch hug in May 2017, several months into his presidency, by which point Fox had gotten firmly behind him 

Trump was outraged that Jennifer Griffin, a Fox National Security Correspondent, went on air to reveal disparaging remarks he’d made about America’s War Dead

He is not as pro-Trump as others at the network, the sources say. 

During the 2016 campaign, Trump butted heads with then Fox News host Megyn Kelly. 

The president is also said to be angry that Chris Wallace, who is not as enthusiastic a supporter of his as other Fox hosts, is moderating his first debate

He infamously claimed she had blood ‘coming out of everywhere’ after she took him to task. 

The president regularly phones in to shows like Fox & Friends to talk about a range of issues and subjects.

The president and his family’s ties to the Murdochs and Fox run deep. Long before her father launched his political career, Ivanka Trump had become close friends with Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendi Deng. 

Donald Trump Jr. is now in a serious relationship with Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News personality who stopped working for the network and now works full time promoting her would-be father-in-law and his campaign. 

While Trump and Murdoch traveled in the same circles for years in New York City, they become more aligned after Trump’s election victory in 2016. 

He then, it has been claimed, was given direct access to Trump in the White House and phoned once a week to offer advice.  


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