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Trump says suburban women back him as they ‘don’t want projects being built next to their houses’


Donald Trump tells Ohio rally that suburban women ‘love’ him because they ‘want security’ and ‘don’t want projects built next to their homes’

  • Donald Trump on Monday night held a campaign rally in Swanton, Ohio
  • He said he was polling well with suburban women ‘who love me’
  • Trump said suburban women ‘don’t want projects built right next to their house’
  • His comments have been previously criticized as thinly-veiled racism 
  • Public housing is statistically more likely to be occupied by people of color 

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Donald Trump told a rally in Ohio on Monday night that suburban women ‘love me’ because he had prevented the construction of affordable housing in their neighborhoods. 

In remarks that have been previously condemned as racist, the president said women of ‘suburbia’ appreciated his housing policies.

In July the Trump administration repealed Barack Obama‘s 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule.

The AFFH did not mandate low-income housing to be built in suburban areas, but rather aimed to eliminate discrimination and combat segregation in housing.

Trump claimed on Monday night that he had saved the suburbs from an influx of low-income developments.  

‘We are doing really well with the African American community, with the Hispanic community, we’re doing well with women,’ he said.

Donald Trump on Monday night told an Ohio rally that suburban women ‘love me’

The president used his Monday night rally to warn of Joe Biden’s threat to the suburbs

Surrounded by flag-waving supporters, the president warned of a threat to suburbia

‘We are doing well with suburbia. I ended a regulation that will destroy suburbia.

‘If Biden got in, they will destroy the suburbia. We call it the suburbia of the world. We love it, I know it well. Westchester County.’

Trump appeared to be referring to a 2009 court ruling, made before the AFFH was enacted. The court ordered the affluent New York district to spend millions of dollars to build 750 units of affordable housing in 31 of Westchester County’s least diverse communities. 

On Monday night he boasted of his support from suburban women. 

‘If you say suburban housewife you get in trouble. So we say suburban women,’ he declared. 

‘Suburban women, they love me. They want security. And you know what? They don’t want projects being built right next to their house. That’s OK. They don’t want it.’

The president has previously accused Joe Biden of wanting to ‘destroy’ the suburbs by sending in an influx of low-income residents.

Trump is playing on suburban fears have been deemed racist by critics, who point out that residents of public housing are in the majority people of color.

The latest survey by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) found that only 28 per cent of public housing residents were white.

Thirty per cent were African American, and 16.7 per cent Hispanic. 

The president told the crowd in Ohio that he was fighting for suburban homeowners

Thousands packed into the Toledo Express airport in Swanton, Ohio to hear Trump


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