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Trump supporters drive in ‘cruise rally’ to Salem where Proud Boys clash with fight BLM protesters


Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Oregon City, Oregon on Monday afternoon at the start of a pro-Trump convoy, before driving to Salem and scuffling with counter-protesters.

The event was organized a week after a member of Patriot Prayer, a pro-Trump militia, was shot and killed at the end of a similar caravan.

Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, 39, was shot and killed by Antifa supporter Michael Reinoehl, 48, on August 29, as BLM and pro-Trump sides clashed in Portland. Five days later Reinoehl was shot and killed by police investigating Danielson’s killing. 

On Monday afternoon another caravan was organized – this time deliberately avoiding the tumultuous city of Portland, and instead heading south to Salem, the state capital.

Members of the Proud Boys pro-Trump group waited in the city for the caravan to arrive – and clashed with supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Heavily-armed and masked Trump supporters clashed with counter-protesters and police in Salem, Oregon on Monday

At least two Trump supporters were arrested during the scuffles between Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter

Proud Boys unfurled a giant U.S. flag on the steps of the state Capitol on Monday, awaiting members of a pro-Trump caravan

Journalism students from South Salem High School, on the ground to witness the scene, said that both sides were armed – the Trump supporters with ‘lots of weapons’ including guns, bats, batons, knives and bear spray. 

The BLM side was armed with baseball bats, and both sides stood on opposite sidewalks, hurling insults and chants at each other.

The Proud Boys fired paint balls at one BLM protester; at least two of the pro-Trump group were arrested. 

It was unclear if any of the BLM counter-protesters were detained. 

Pro-Trump agitators used fire extinguishers on their rivals.

One BLM supporter was seen cowering beneath a shield as a man kicked him. The man then began punching the BLM protester, raining down blows from a standing position as the BLM activist curled up on the floor.

As he was punching him, another man was seen pointing a paintball gun in their direction. 

Black Lives Matter protesters were restrained by police and state troopers during the confrontations

Police in Salem, Oregon on Monday did their best to try and separate the rival pro- and anti-Trump factions

Labor Day weekend drew crowds of Black Lives Matter supporters and pro-Trump militias to Salem, Oregon

The pro-Trump militia were armed with guns, baseball bats, fire extinguishers and bear spray; BLM had baseball bats

Trump supporters organized Monday’s earlier caravan to drive away from Portland, in a bid to avoid a repeat of violence

Salem police on Monday arrested at least two pro-Trump supporters during the violent unrest

A Trump supporter was seen using a fire extinguisher on one of the counter-protesters in Salem on Monday

One man was doused with water after apparently having some sort of chemical irritant fired into his eyes

A member of the pro-Trump Proud Boys kicks a Black Lives Matter supporter, seen cowering behind his shield

The Trump supporter then rains punches down on the BLM activist, on the floor with his shield, as a man prepares his paintball

Chemical irritants appeared to have been used, and one man was pictured having his eyes and face doused with water.

A heavy police presence was seen on Salem’s usually-peaceful streets. 

As dusk fell members of BLM appeared to have left the scene, and an uneasy calm returned, with the flag-waving Trump supporters left chatting on the grass in front of the Capitol. 

The earlier caravan was organized on Facebook, and intended ‘to show our support for our great President Donald J. Trump and keep the momentum for Trump alive in Oregon.’

Monday’s caravan was organized on Facebook, ‘to keep the momentum for Trump alive in Oregon’

Participants were told to be ready at 1pm at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City.

After an address by organizers, they set off in a convoy heading south on the 205 South, to Interstate 5 South.

‘Follow the flags on cars,’ the organizers posted.

Participants were told to end the 30 mile route at Woodburn, turning off the Interstate before they reached Salem.

Most did, at 3pm, but some headed into Salem city center to join the Proud Boys and their violent confrontation. 

By 6pm in Salem crowds were beginning to disperse.

Only around 100 people were left, and were heading home – honking their horns and waving their flags as they went. 

Pro-Trump supporters are seen driving down the Interstate heading towards Salem on Monday

Holding his dog in his lap, a Trump supporter sets off along the 30 mile route from Oregon City to Salem

Many of the participants rode on the roof of the SUVs as they headed along the Willamette Valley towards Salem

The crowd had gathered earlier on Monday at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Oregon

One man donned a Donald Trump face mask to show his support in Oregon City on Monday

The Trump supporters gathered for their caravan on Monday despite a previous caravan ending with the death of a supporter

Waving flags and banners, the group of Trump supporters drove from Oregon City towards Salem on Monday

A woman decked out in the Stars and Stripes stands and listens to speeches before the caravan set off on Monday

Trump supporters decked their trucks out with an array of flags showing their backing for the president

Drinking beers and sitting out of the sunroof, caravan participants make their way towards Salem on Monday

Supporters of the president urge their fellow Republicans to vote in the November 3 election

Trump supporters took to the road on Monday, using the Labor Day holiday to show their appreciation for the president

Some of the cars displayed the 1778 yellow Gadsden Flag, depicting a timber rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike

Some of the Trump supporters brought their trailers along with them for Monday’s caravan

Participants in Monday’s celebration were told on Facebook: ‘Follow the flags’

Monday’s rally in Oregon City, Oregon, drew supporters of Q Anon – a conspiracy theory about Trump saving the world

Young Trump supporters show off their pro-Trump car, with the slogan: ‘Hillary For Prison 2016’

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