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Underwater filmmaker spots great white shark sightings in far northern NSW


Glamorous filmmaker captures stunning footage of a huge great white cruising for prey in the shallows of Australia’s deadly ‘shark alley’

  • Madison Stewart shared incredible vision of great white shark in shallow waters
  • Filmed near surfing spots between Ballina and Evans Head in far northern NSW
  • Shared vision to warn surfers of sharks after a dead carcass washed up nearby

By Kylie Stevens For Daily Mail Australia

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An underwater filmmaker has shared incredible vision of a great white shark swimming in the shallows near a popular surfing spot.  

Madison Stewart spotted the massive shark between Ballina and Evans Head in far northern New South Wales on Tuesday morning. 

The predator was swimming in the direction towards where a 40 tonne dead shark carcass washed up onto Patchs Beach at South Ballina last Friday.

‘She was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I followed her for ages, watching her move in precision following oil coming from the dead whale,’ Ms Stewart captioned the footage on her Instagram page.

Madison Stewart spotted this great white shark between Ballina and Evans Head on Tuesday

It’s unclear whether it was the same shark Ms Stewart filmed swimming in the area a day earlier on Monday.

‘Filmed this beauty this morning,’ she posted on Instagram.

‘Let’s steer clear of Ballina/Evans heads surf breaks for a little while folks. Dead whale has attracted some sharks.’

Ms Stewart has posted footage in recent days to warn surfers of the danger and to stay safe if they choose to take the risk to enter the water while sharks remain in the area.

‘The beach was empty but I warned the few people on my walk back, including one lone surfer. I told him there are sharks around, to which he replied ‘when isn’t there’, I continued to mention ‘well it’s different because of the whale carcass…’ but he was already walking away,’ Ms Stewart wrote on Tuesday.

Madison Stewart (pictured) posted the footage to warn surfers sharks were in the area

It’s unknown whether it’s same shark Ms Stewart filmed in the area on Monday (pictured)

‘In many ways, I respect the surfers who will go no matter what, but do they respect where their choices could lead? The trauma of the first responders and families? 

‘Then to the culling and hunting of the sharks? At what point do we make people take responsibility for their actions?’ 

‘If you choose to surf downstream of a whale carcass, shouldn’t the shark be relieved of the blame and consequences?’

‘These sharks will remain in the area due to the smell. The energy expelled by sharks to find the whale will lead them to look elsewhere.’

Ms Stewart has since called for knowledge, respect and information on dangerous marine life to be taught and included in the school curriculum.

Madison Stewart (pictured) is opposed to shark nets and the culling of underwater predators

This week’s shark sightings were just 100 kilometres away from where surfer Nick Slater, 46, was fatally mauled off a Gold Coast beach last Tuesday. 

It was the first fatal shark attack since shark nets was introduced on Gold Coast beaches in the 1960s.

Meanwhile, Ballina Shire Council has began ramping up shark drone patrols in lead up to an influx of tourists expected over the September school holidays and warmer months ahead.

The area is one of Australia’s most common areas for shark attacks. In 2015, there were 12 attacks. 

The mayor claims his calls for further funding from the state government to protect surfers fell on deaf ears.

‘I don’t think the nets will ever come back here,’ Ballina Shire mayor David Wright told The Australian this week.

‘They might have deterred the sharks, but the bycatch was far too great. Sharks are just one of the many risks associated with the sea.’

The shark spotted on Tuesday (pictured) was heading towards a nearby beach in South Ballina where a dead shark carcass was washed up onto the shore last week


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