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‘We will dispense justice without fear or favour’


Adebisi Onanuga

LAGOS State Chief Judge Justice Kareem Alogba has pledged that judges and magistrates in the state judiciary will dispense justice without fear or favour and in accordance with the law.

Justice Alogba spoke at Lagos State Central Mosque, Lagos at a prayer session to mark the commencement of 2020/2021 Legal Year.

Justice Alogba said: “We judges and magistrates in Lagos judiciary have always followed the path of God and will always apply the law as it is and dispense justice to the best of our ability.

“May the Lord lead us on the path of integrity and lead us arigh.’’

Alogba said he would seek the cooperation of his colleagues, management staff members, stakeholders and members of the Bar to ensure the effective service delivery in the state.

He assured members of the public that they would get justice promptly.

In a sermon delivered at Christ Church, Marina, to mark the event, the Diocesan Bishop of Lagos, Rt. Revd Humphrey Olumakaiye, admonished judges and magistrates  to continue to uphold righteousness and justice while overseeing disputes before them.

Rt. Revd Olumakaiye said what was needed to salvage Nigeria from the ills that had besieged the country was for the judiciary to live up to the expectation of upholding justice at all time.

“You need to show that Justice is about the people and not about you. Justice and righteousness are closely linked and complement each other. You must not allow your moral integrity to be compromised.

“To salvage this country which has been besieged by many ills, such a insurgency, kidnapping, corruption, armed robbery, child abuse etc, it is vital that you are upright and live a righteous life. You must serve God and mankind by upholding justice at the time.”

A don, Dr. Luqman Adedeji, said the judiciary remained a critical stakeholder in guaranteeing national security, the preservation of peace, progress and growth of a nation.

Adedeji, who is head of Department of Religious Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos (UNILAG), said the judiciary should be accorded its rightful place in national development, emphasising: “No nation can grow and progress without the contribution of the judiciary.”

Adedeji delivered a lecture entitled: “The Judiciary and the growth of a nation: Islamic Perspective”.

He said: “Through advocating for the rule of law, the judiciary is relied upon to contribute towards inculcation of values of honesty and hard work among the citizenry.

“This would help in fighting corruption, promoting hard work, ‘patriotism and saving culture with the view to contribute to growth of a nation.”

He stated further: “The judiciary is the last hope of the Common Man.” This statement truly underscores the importance of the judiciary to the growth of a society and the nation at large.

“The judiciary remains the bedrock and or pillar upon which a nation rests.

“Quite a number of researches by the World Bank have presented evidence to show that there are positive economic benefits of strong effective judiciary; the degree of judicial independence is correlated with economic growth; competence of courts of law affects competitive economic competitiveness; better performing courts lead to more developed credit market; and a stronger Judiciary is associated with more rapid growth.

“A virile, functional and independent Judiciary is a shield that secures and protects those fundamental values and ethos of a nation and helps to sustain its growth.

“The judiciary remains in the best position to inculcate the values 0f honesty, hard Work and patriotism among the teeming population of any nation while preserving peace and national security through its justice delivery’ system.’’

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