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Zimbabwe: Anti-Graft Body, Police Under Fire for Sitting On Land Dispute


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HARARE Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc), ousted city mayor Herbert Gomba and the police have been accused of sitting on a longstanding land dispute in the capital’s Borrowdale suburb.

The over two years long dispute is pitting well placed businessman Kenneth Sharpe and Greek national George Katsimberis.

The land was to be developed by the two under Pokugara Ecofriendly Estates for modern homes.

However, Sharpe is being accused of defrauding Katsimberis of all investments into the project.

Sharpe is alleged to have used individuals within council including Chisango to demolish a show house built on the said land.

This follows communication by Pokugara Properties managing director Michael van Blerk that original diagrams had been lost.

An order stopping sale or development of the land given in March 2019 has been ignored with celebrity musician Jah Prayzah announcing recently he had bought a piece of land on the 21 000-hectare area.

Papers shared with this publication indicate Katsimberis even wrote to Local Government minister July Moyo, Gomba, Zacc, police’s Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU) seeking to uphold a High Court order stopping continuing sale of land on the disputed area by Sharpe.

Another letter to Gomba bemoaned how he had decided not to act in spite of fruitful engagement the two had over the matter.

“I also confirm that in our meeting, you made an undertaking that an audit team would be appointed to investigate the involvement of the City of Harare in this matter, Councillor Ian Makoni was to put together an independent audit team to investigate the matter.

“To date, we have had no response as to the audit findings and seek your clarification regarding the progress thereto, to which we thank you in advance.

“It is my considered view that this matter has not received the urgent attention it deserves. I appeal to your good office for assistance to prevent this lawless and uncivilised situation to continue,” wrote Katsimberis on 22 February 2019.

All papers including the Joint Venture Agreement letters to Moyo, Gomba and communication from Registrar of Deeds ordering suspension of land sales are in’s possession.

Chisango has since been arrested by anti-corruption officers while Gomba was recalled by opposition MDC-T in long dragging factional fights that threaten to dismember council.

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  1. Some people just never change, they cannot. As a saying goes: a leopard does not change it’s spots.

    Kenneth Sharpe was a thief expelled from Peter House in 1990, a smuggler of stolen cars from SA into Zimbabwe in early 90s and a convicted fraudster in late 90s. He was busting the EU sanctions for Zanu PF during a controversial barcosi project, which was designed to rig the elections in 2008 in Zanu pf favor.
    He managed to defraud all of his former business partners and swindled scopes of people out of their investments into his phoney businesses. It is always the same with this guy, yet he still manages to find gullible people who are coming for more.

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