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Zimbabwe: Mliswa Tears Into Mnangagwa’s Twin Sons


Fiery Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s twin sons Shaun and Collins of trying to get him arrested after he exposed their corrupt and criminal relationship with controversial businessman Delish Nguwaya.

Nguwaya who is facing corruption charges emanating from an alleged US$60 million in tender scandal is believed to be a business partner of twins. He is currently out on bail.

In a five-minute audio which leaked on Thursday and has gone viral on social media platforms, Mliswa who claims to be Mnangagwa’s brother said the twins had crossed their lines.

“Hi my sons Collins and Shaun. I speak to you with a heavy heart knowing very well that you have been unfortunately working with Delish Nguwaya to try and get me arrested because you are not happy that I have exposed your relationship with him. A relationship which is criminal of nature, a relationship which is corrupt and a relationship which you don’t need.

“But if you think you can get me arrested, me your uncle, because of your love for money then you don’t know this uncle. I’m meeting the president, my brother, and I’m telling him. He knows about it. I had to call him yesterday to tell him that I want to be arrested because Delish has spoken to [Police Commissioner General Godwin] Matanga about you influencing him to get me arrested because I have just said the truth, I’ve just said that the person you are hanging around with is not good for you.” said Mliswa

He said the twins had disregarded their parents’ reproach but warned them that they should not ride on their father’s power.

“You have continued to ignore your mother’s call, you have continued to ignore your father’s call for the love of money. Let me tell you political party goes. My brother is in power, but there will be time when he will leave. The question is that when he leaves, how many enemies you two would you have created, how many people’s toes would you have stepped on?”

He adds “You must look at the former first family [Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and their children]. You can say what you want to say, but they were not as corrupt as the allegations that are on you.”

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson says he had sent the voice note to people who matter should anything happen to him.

“This voice note I have sent it to certain people in my life who matter. If anything happens to my life, you are responsible with Delish Nguwaya. You have crossed the line. You have crossed the line.”

Mliswa although being an independent MP, claims he is loyal to Mnangagwa and has been supportive of the President because of their cordial relationship which dates back to the Mugabe era.

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