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Zimbabwe: ‘Zim Crisis a Threat to Peace’


The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) says the various crisis in Zimbabwe, which have given birth to several clashes between the government and citizens, are a big threat to a peaceful nation and development.

In its International Peace Day message, (ZimRights) said the current health crises, will further worsen the already existing ones and political will is needed to save the country.

“When we understand that Peace is a fundamental human right whose foundation is in the Bill of Rights, we will embrace the consequent obligation to build it.

“In building peace, we pay attention to the ever-increasing threats to peace coming mainly from the multiple crises Zimbabwe currently faces. The COVID 19 health crisis has triggered a series of other crises in Zimbabwe. These are the governance crisis, the human rights crisis as well as the political crisis.

“Despite the national character of these crises, every community experiences these different. We will therefore be having a series of conversations on our media platforms aimed at identifying and finding solutions to the current threats to peace,” reads the statement.

Zimbabwe has in the past year been rocked by several attacks on civilians and opposition members at the hands of the police and army.

In recent weeks, many people have reportedly been brutalized and arrested for speaking out against the government and regional and international organisations have echoed their concerns on the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe.

However, President Emmerson Mnangagwa dismissed the allegations saying a crisis only exists in the minds of opposition members and the country’s detractors

International Day of Peace which was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. The commemorations this year run under 2020 theme “Shaping Peace Together.”

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission spokesperson Dr Geoffrey Chada reiterated that peace creates a culture of nation-building.

“The politics of peace as the politics of love means that to have peace, you must deal with your heart first. This is where the primary battlefield is located. What is allowed to conquer the heart will conquer a country. If conflict conquers my heart, it will conquer Zimbabwe”, said Dr Chada.

“If peace, forgiveness and reconciliation conquer my heart, then peace, forgiveness and reconciliation will conquer this country. Peace is a political virtue which should dominate our political thinking and action at all levels of our society,” he said.

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