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An adorable Maltese who survived a puppy mill is named the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog 


An adorable dog who was forced to give birth to multiple litters at a puppy mill has officially been crowned the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog.

Lamb Chop, a shy little 12lb Maltese, was adopted in December 2014 by Christin Schubert, who admits she was always a ‘cat person’ before laying eyes on the pup at an animal shelter in Wisconsin.

‘I hadn’t planned on getting a dog but she was so small. She struck my heart,’ Christin said.

After suffering such a tragic start to life, Lamb Chop this week triumphed over more than 10,000 other adorable dogs to take first place in PEOPLE’s third annual World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest Presented by the PEDIGREE® Brand.

The fluffy companion has won a year’s supply of dog food from the PEDIGREE® Brand, $1,000 (£771) to donate to the animal rescue of her choice, and is even set to make an appearance on Good Morning America.

Lamb Chop, a shy little 12-pound Maltese from Washington County was adopted in December 2014 by Christin Schubert in Wisconsin. She has just won the World Cutest Rescue Dog contest organized by People and judged by Pedigree

‘When she was rescued, local vets had to remove all of her teeth because they were rotten,’ Christin said.

Lamb Chop also had to be treated for a nasty case of cauliflower ear and had to have several tumors removed as a result of medical neglect. All of these later medical expenses were covered by the Washington County Humane Society before Lamb Chop went to her forever home.

‘I couldn’t bring her home right away, because she had to have all of those surgeries, and Washington County used a significant portion of their medical fund to take care of her,’ Schubert said. 

‘I am really thankful for that. They are a small, little shelter that I think does really great work with animals.”

Lamb chop’s teeth all fell due to the stress of the puppy mill. She was forced to breed litters of puppies that were going to be sold 

Adorable Lamp Chop in her back to school photoshoot. The pup suffered from crippling anxiety after she was rescue from the mill

After leaving the puppy mill, Lamb Chop was left not only with physical scars but emotional ones too, and was scared of people and unsure how to interact with other dogs.

Thankfully, she is gradually overcoming her anxiety and trust issues.

‘I can go grocery shopping and come home, and she’s just sitting there happy and waiting, unlike when I first would leave her,’ Christin said, adding that she enrolled Lamb Chop in shy dog classes and worked with a trainer to help her develop trust in humans again.

The pup in her sport jersey. Loving Lamb Chop has an ‘amazing joy for life,’ Christin says, She won $1000 (£771) to donate to the charity of her and Christin’s choice and a year supply of dog food from Pedigree 

12-pound Lamp Chop giving the camera her best profile. The poor pup had to undergo several surgeries before she could make it to her forever home

Surfing the web. Lamp Chop’s tongue usually hangs out from her mouth before of her lack of teeth 

Nap time! Christin – an Lamb Chop – work with a nonprofit called Bailing Out Benji which is dedicated to exposing the connections between pet stores and puppy mills

Brave survivor Lamb Chop is using her platform to educate others about the brutal reality of puppy mill operations, which sadly continue to supply pet stores around the world.

She and her owner work with a nonprofit called Bailing Out Benji, which is dedicated to exposing the connections between pet stores and puppy mills and educating people on the importance of adopting pets.

‘We always say that in order for puppy mills to close, the public needs to stop funding them through their purchases,’ Christin said.

Cute Lamb Chop enjoying a latte on her way to work. Christin said that while the pup was still shy around new people, she had come a long way from the early days after her adoptions 

Poor Lamb Chop was covered in tumours when she was rescue from the mill, and had suffered severe neglect, but is thankfully now happy and healthy 

The fluffy activist in her ‘Bailing Out Benji’ scarf.  Christin revealed she enrolled the pup in shy dog classes and hired a trainer to help with her anxiety 

‘Lamb Chop is a supercute face to an ugly industry,’ she added.

While today the adorable fluffy companion, whose tongue still hangs out of her mouth after losing all her teeth, still remains shy around new people, her owner couldn’t be more proud of how far she’s come.

‘I always tell people that I think she is super brave and resilient, given what she has gone through,’ Christin said. ‘She has an amazing joy for life.’

A sports fan waiting for the game! Lamb Chop is still learning to overcome her trust issues, Christin said 

Lamb Chop and Christin, who is working hard to raise awareness about cruel puppy mills with her nonprofit work

Christin said she was more of a cat person but could not resist when she saw Lamb Chop, who ‘struck her heart’ 

Getting more confident day by day, Lamb Chop is learning to trust again and is set to make an appearance on Good Morning America

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