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Donald Trump continues to lash out at debate moderator Chris Wallace


President Donald Trump continued to lash out at debate moderator Chris Wallace during his rally Wednesday night in Duluth, Minnesota.  

‘I was debating two people last night,’ Trump said, pointing fingers at his Democratic rival Joe Biden and Wallace, the host of ‘Fox News Sunday. ‘I’m so disappointed in Fox,’ Trump uttered. 

The president complained that Wallace wouldn’t let him hit Biden as he pleased during the first 2020 presidential debate Tuesday night held in Cleveland, Ohio.

President Donald Trump continued to lash out at debate moderator Chris Wallace during his Duluth, Minnesota rally Wednesday night 

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump (right) participated in 2020’s first presidential debate and ‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace (left) moderated 

On Wednesday, in front of the Minnesota crowd, President Donald Trump complained that Chris Wallace wouldn’t let him hit Democrat Joe Biden as he pleased 

President Donald Trump said Chris Wallace pushed back when he tried to hit Joe Biden on his son Hunter’s business dealings and his support among the police 

‘I said “Sleepy Joe, name one law enforcement group that supports [you]” and then Chris Wallace says, “Don’t do that.” Can you believe? This guy,’ Trump said. 

The president also blamed Wallace for not being able to fully deploy an attack Biden’s only living son, Hunter, who Trump smacked for his foreign business dealings.

‘Protected by Chris,’ Trump sniped. ‘”We don’t want to discuss that,”‘ he said, mimicking the moderator. ‘Oh really Chris? It’s so sad.’ 

The president lumped Wallace in with the rest of the mainstream media during his Wednesday remarks. 

‘The liberal media is upset that I took the fight to Biden and exposed his dangerous agenda,’ Trump said.  

Turning to the summer’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations coupled with the coronavirus crisis, the president charged that American journalists believe rioting is ‘OK.’  

‘You can do whatever you want, you don’t have to wear a mask you just riot, 25,000 people just standing on each other’s face, do whatever you want,’ Trump said. ‘Can you go to church? No. Can you go to restaurants? No … but you can riot. That’s OK,’ he added, referring to certain pandemic restrictions. 

‘Arson is OK, but challenging Sleepy Joe is totally off limits,’ Trump added.         

Despite his complaints, Trump told the crowd – many of whom were sporting red and black flannel shirts – ‘I really enjoyed last night’s debate with Sleepy Joe.’ 

Trump told the crowd that Biden was trying to pull out of the next two debates, which is false, as the Democrat’s campaign committed to the Miami and Nashville face-offs Tuesday night on a post-debate press call. 

‘Now I understand he’s cancelling the debates,’ Trump said anyway. ‘I don’t think that’s going to be a good look for him.’ 

Biden also raised a record amount in the debate’s later hour – $3.8 milion. 

As he has at other recent rallies, Trump also took on Rep. Ilhan Omar, part of the progressive ‘squad’ of freshman lawmakers on Capitol Hill. 

The attacks were more personal, however, as Trump went on a rant about refugees coming into Minnesota, Omar’s home state and where the rally was taking place, from Somalia, the country of the congresswoman’s birth.   

The president accused Biden and ‘Crazy Bernie Sanders’ of agreeing to a 700 per cent increase in refugees into the United States. 

‘Congratulations Minnesota, congratulations,’ Trump said sarcastically, saying the flood of people will come from ‘Yemen, Syria and your favorite country Somalia.’ 

The audience booed. 

The largest Somali diaspora in the U.S. is in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.  

‘Biden will turn Minnesota into a refugee camp,’ Trump claimed. 

He again suggested that Omar wasn’t an American citizen, which she is. 

‘And then she tells us how to run our country,’ Trump said. ‘Can you believe it?’ 

‘How the hell did Minnesota elect her? What the hell is wrong with you people. What the hell happened?’ 

Omar defeated the GOP candidate in her very Democratic Minneapolis district in 2018, 78 to 21.8 per cent.     

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