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#EndSARS/#EndSWAT: Group bombs Shettima Yerima over alleged war statement


#EndSARS/#EndSWAT: Group bombs Shettima Yerima over alleged war statement

By Gabriel Ewepu – Abuja

A group called Nation Builders and Reformers Organisation, NBRO, Sunday, bombed the leader of the Arewa Consecutive Forum, Shettima Yerima, over an alleged war statement due to the ongoing #EndSARS and #EndSWAT protest across the country.

The Convener of NBRO, Magnus Oku, in a statement signed by himself and made available to Vanguard in reaction to the alleged war threat from Yerima described it as misleading, insensitivity to the cry of Nigerians from both North and South of the country to end police brutality and for a better approach to security.

According to the statement, Yerima’s alleged war threat is uncalled for because Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari, Senator Shehu Sani, and other reasonable Northerners are part of the #EndSARS struggle and it is not southerners affair alone.

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The statement reads, “Shut up Shettima! What nonsense leadership are you referring to?

“You are more particular about your stinking greed for power in Nigeria than the lives that have been wasted, the dignity we have lost as a nation, pain hunger, and stagnation experienced under President Buhari?

“You are insensitive and unreasonable to think that your leadership should surpass the outcry for justice. Who cares about your war treat? If the South rises fully, you can’t stand them in one hour fight. So put your war treat and division talks in the dustbin where stinking things belong.

“What you can’t see is bigger than you and you will be stupid to think you are still a winner in this at this point. The fight is not for the south only but for Nigeria.

“Aisha and the rest of the reasonable Northerners in the struggle are not southerners. We are fighting a fight of all times and it can’t be stopped by any mortal. God is in this fight and we will win on all sides.”

The statement also added with a piece of advice, “My advice to you instead of being on the losing side tomorrow is that you drop that stinky pride and greed for power and join a fight that will put your name in good books. This is a fight that will give your next generation a better future. Don’t talk against what you cannot see because this is bigger than you.”

According to reports on Saturday, during a media briefing In Minna, the Niger State capital, the leader of the Arewa Consecutive Forum, Shettima Yerima, allegedly said the north won’t hold up its hand and watch southerners eliminate Buhari, and that southerners are attempting to cheat the north once more, as they did after the demise of Late President Umar Musa Yar’ Adua.

He declared that the north’s status for an approaching war if protesters request for the removal of Buhari or an End to Nigeria.

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Which he said, “Since 1999, the South has been misleading us about the office of the President.

“When Obasanjo was the president, nobody annoyed or disturbed him until he completed his eight years in office.

“Immediately our brother took over, they conflicted with him until he died. Rather than utilizing another northerner to complete his term, they constrained Jonathan on us.

“Presently our brother Buhari is back in power, they do everything against him and overlook that we actually have eight years after his term in office to equal that of Jonathan and Obasanjo.

“The fact of the matter is, we northerners will do nothing. We will do battle if the protesters actually request the removal of Buhari or a End to Nigeria, as some of them are doing in Anambra State.”


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