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#EndSARS: Fufeyin seeks prayers against civil war


By John Ofikhenua, Abuja

A cleric, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, has called on Nigerians to pray against civil war following violence that trailed the #ENDSARS protests.

In a statement on Thursday, the Prophet said Nigerians must intensify prayers, adding that keeping quiet over the situation spells doom.

Warning Nigerians, he said: “Don’t keep quiet. Things are happening in uncontrollable manner. If you think the things that are happening in Edo, Lagos, Rivers, Delta, Ibadan wouldn’t affect you, you may be wrong.”

According to him, it was high time the crises stopped and the church would be strategic in helping to tame the tide.

Speaking during a Mountain service in Warri, Delta in June, the billionaire prophet had stated the country was at the verge of collapse.

“Let us pray for our country Nigeria. There are different things that are about to happen. The country is shaking. Everybody is talking about the story, even small children. Some people will say how did these things come about, other would say God was doing it.

“Let us pray for Nigeria, something that I am seeing, I have never seen before. The things that are about to happen, if it is good for the country it should manifest to reality but if it is bad, let it be cancelled.

“As a prophet, what is about to happen, every household, every media, news houses will carry it. Let us pray that is red light. There is struggle. I can’t bare it, I can’t stand it, I don’t know whether it is truth or not,” Fufeyin had prophesied.

In August, Fufeyin said at a church service in Warri emphasised on the needs for prayers, stating they may be civil war in Nigeria.

“Let us pray for our country Nigeria. Let us come together and pray for Nigeria. I am seeing war, civil war, if the country did not take time, if we are not prayerful, people are planning, this is called war,” Fufeyin noted.

He urged Christians not to allow the country scatter with their prayers.

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