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How your spending is ruled by your STAR SIGN


From struggling to stay within budget to falling head-over-heels for impulse buys, astrologists believe our spending habits could be ruled by the stars.  

The team at UK-based website surveyed 2,400 people on their attitudes to money to see if there is any correlation between the traits attributed to each star sign and the state of their finances. 

Results showed that Aires – known for their impulsive nature and desire to live life to the fullest – struggle the most with money management. Meanwhile Libra finds it the most difficult to live within their means. 

Here, astrologists analyse the findings to reveal your star sign’s overall spending profile – and share their insight on how your attributes govern your behaviour…   

From struggling to stay within budget to falling head-over-heels for impulse buys, astrologists believe our spending habits could be ruled by the stars. Stock image

How does YOUR star sign fare? 

Star signs ranked in order of money management ability, from worst to best

Star sign













Percentage that struggle with money













Aires: Worst at overall money management 

March 21 – April 19 

Aires are big believers in the mantra that money is made to be spent and they are prone to impulsive purchases.

Psychicworld found Aries to be the worst with money as 61 per cent struggle with their finances. Of those surveyed, 72 per cent admitted that they live paycheck to paycheck which is unsurprising as Aries are known for living life to the full. 

Astrologists say: ‘Aries need to implement hard work into their finances in order to improve their relationship with money, as they can find it difficult to hold back on spending. 

‘Keeping a good eye on your incomings and outgoings is key because it will help to reduce unnecessary spending and definitely rein back the impulsiveness of an Aries nonessential expenses.’

Taurus: Prone to self-indulgence 

April 20 – May 20 

With 53 per cent of Tauruses struggling with their finances, they find themselves being the fourth worst sign with money. 

Only 38 per cent of those surveyed had more than £2,000 in their savings, highlighting their love for the good things in life.

Gemini: The biggest financial risk-taker 

May 21 – June 20 

Known for being unpredictable and impulsive, Geminis are the biggest financial risk takers among the group. 43 per cent of Geminis admitted to struggling with their finances which can mostly be attributed to the fact that 62 per cent spend over half of their pay before the end of the month. 

The astrologists say: ‘Geminis are known for following the next adventure and would rather excitement than safety, and money is no expectation to this rule. 

‘Their charismatic and spontaneous personality can certainly get in the way of their bank account stacking up numbers. Despite this, Geminis will work hard for their money in a bid to live their best life because money opens the door to their next fun experience.’ 

The astrologists say: ‘With many holding a strong love for anything expensive, gorgeous and sparkly, saving is a big obstacle for Taurus signs. 

‘Although, if they’re not careful, the urge to experience the good things in life can be a big obstacle getting in the way of their savings. They should begin to think twice about their spending and think purchases through rather than satisfying their impulsive traits.’

Cancer: The worst at avoiding temptation 

June 21 – July 22  

Cancers are known for not being responsible with their money and their inability to avoid temptation can be seen by the fact that just under half of Cancers report having less than £2,000 saved.

The astrologists say: ‘Cancer signs find it difficult to hold a tight leash on their finances, with the temptation of new clothes, a trip to the pub or the latest gadgets too strong for them to say no. 

‘Cancerians enjoy money and possessions, so maintaining a budget is key for them to ensure financial security. Once they begin working towards improving their finances, they will naturally have a knack for making and keeping money – it can only go up from there!’ 

Leo: The best savers 

July 23 – August 22 

Leos are known to be quite careful with their money, which rings true to Psychicworld’s finding that just 1 in 3 Leos struggle with money. However, they tend to have a taste for the good life and sometimes like to indulge, which could be the reason why 35 per cent admitted to being impulse buyers. 

The astrologists say: ‘Leos are known to be very careful with their money., As they do enjoy the finer things, they save up to satisfy these needs with their savings. Incredibly determined in nature, Leos know what they want, and they have the self-confidence ingrained to know that they will achieve their financial goals. 

‘This determination is fuelled by their impenetrable optimism, and, it is incredibly easy for Leos to live the life they want with their well-earned savings.’

Leos are known to be quite careful with their money, which rings true to Psychicworld’s finding that just 1 in 3 Leos struggle with money. Stock image

Virgo: Most likely to dip into their savings 

August 23 – September 22

Among the signs that are better at saving include Virgos. Known for being analytical and practical in most situations, that can’t always be applied when it comes to their money habits. Some 43 per cent of Virgos spend over half of their pay before payday, as well as 39 per cent having an overdraft. 

Libra: Worst at living within their means

September 23 – October 22    

Libras are known to love living beyond their means, which can be seen by the fact that 74 per cent spend over half their pay before the next payday. When they see something they like, Libras won’t think twice about making it theirs which often leaves their bank account taking the damage. 

The astrologist say: ‘Libras love to spend, spend, spend and this can put them in some sticky situations further down the line, so verifying purchases and giving them a second thought can really make a difference. 

‘Having the feeling of financial relief can give Libras a sense of delight and bliss, however they tend to overlook this and forget just how important it is. 

‘Using tips and tricks to monitor their spending can be hugely beneficial, whether that is making a quick Google search for discount codes or updating their bank, Libras would benefit from some small changes in their financial life.’

The astrologists say: ‘Virgos are intelligent with money, making them one of the better signs for financial relief, but they do love to spend due to Mercury being their ruling planet. 

‘They tend to have expensive taste, so savings don’t stick around for long with many, however when push comes to shove, they have the ability to use smart saving plans to help themselves out in the long run.’  

Scorpio: Worst at blowing their monthly budget

October 23 – November 21   

With 43 per cent of Scorpios having less than £2,000 in their savings and 43 per cent just getting by with each month’s pay, it’s clear to see they aren’t the best at sticking to a budget. 

Usually their intuitive nature helps them to get by, but that doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to money.

The astrologists say: ‘Usually Virgos intuitive nature helps them to get by, but because they know how to spend luxuriously, that doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to money. It is known that Scorpios tend to be quite secretive, especially when it comes to money – so it is very likely that they will keep their finances quiet. 

‘They tend not to reveal their current monetary situations, or even personal possession, due to their mysterious personality and it is likely they may maintain a secret stash of money saved for a rainy day.’

Sagittarius: Most likely to go bankrupt

November 22 – December 21 

Though they are known for being hard working, it seems that 45 per cent of Sagittariuses are not good with their money. Their biggest issue is their inability to keep over half of their monthly wages each month. 

The astrologists say: ‘Sagittarius are often filled with adventure and curiosity, which can sometimes lead them in the wrong direction when money is involved. Their struggle to keep a hold of money can be part of their downfall due to the fact they find it hard to say no. 

‘Sharing wealth and showing generosity comes naturally to a Sagittarius, but this can easily result in over-spending and being left confused at the end of the month, however this definitely doesn’t hold them back in other aspects of life.’

Capricorn: Most likely to stick to a budget

December 22 – January 19 

Capricorns are pragmatic when it comes to their money, which is likely to be why only 35 per cent of those surveyed struggle with money. Some 67 per cent were found to have over £2,000 in their savings which just goes to show that Capricorns are disciplined when it comes to reaching their financial goals. 

The astrologists say: ‘Capricorns, as assumed by their disciplined nature, are incredibly well versed in keeping their finances in good order. As much as they enjoy some of the finer things in life, they are practical and ambitious; always setting their financial goals and having a practical plan to achieve this. 

‘They are lateral thinkers and can always see the end goal of their finances, knowing how frugally cut corners, and yet, live their best life.’

Aquarius: Most indecisive with their money

January 20 – February 18 

Some 66 per cent of Aquarius survey responders consider themselves impulsive buyers and nearly 4 in 10 have fallen into their overdrafts. 

The astrologists say: ‘Aquarians tend to work hard for their money due to their natural entrepreneurial traits, so spending it can sometimes be a difficulty. However, the fact that they tend to attract money can result in traits of spontaneity which can sometimes lead to regret. 

‘Understanding and recognising their relationship with money is a great first step as it can help them reconsider and make an informative decision on what to splash the cash on.’

Pisces: Best with money overall    

February 19 – March 20 

With only 32 per cent of Pisces claiming to struggle with money, they take the crown as the star sign that’s best with money! Psychicworld found that 3 in 4 Pisces have over £2,000 in their savings as well as only 38 per cent living paycheck to paycheck. 

When it comes to spending money, they are selfless and always put other people’s needs before their own.

The astrologists say: ‘Despite their impressionable tendencies, Pisces secure the number one spot when it comes to keep their finances in check. Wise in nature, they know how to save their money the best out all the star signs, and know when they should be adding to savings and when they should be spoiling. 

‘With Pisceans innate empathetic nature, their selflessness transpires with their money practices; spending little money on treats and luxuries for themselves.’

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