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Ice and fire: Stunning image of volcanic eruption tempest among photographs shortlisted for award


Stunning images of a volcanic eruption tempest in Chile and seals swimming around an iceberg in Antarctica feature among a series of photographs shortlisted for a prestigious photography award.  

The series includes pictures of natural phenomenons, human endeavour, orangutan conservation efforts and animals in some unusual places.

One of the most breathtaking among the collection shows an eruption illuminated by lightning as a huge plume of ash reaches up into the sky and over a forest.

In others, seals weave in and out of a floating iceberg, a one-armed swimmer surges through the water, and pigs run down the isle of a train to the astonishment of its passengers.

Snapper Greg Lecoeur won overall photo of the year at the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards 2020 with his picture, Frozen Mobile Home. 

The award-winning professional ocean and wildlife photographer shot the image in Antarctica, capturing Crabeater Seals swimming around an iceberg in the underwater snap.  

A dirty storm occurs during the 2011 eruption of the Cordon Caulle located in the region of the Rivers in Chile. The storm scared thousands of people who lived in areas near the volcano while hundreds of people were evacuated and the ash covered many kilometres of forests and field and sent a cloud of ask as far away as Argentina

Icebergs are huge, mysterious and dynamic habitats that are home to a great variety of marine life. They carry nutrients from the earth, they are responsible for life blooms by developing phytoplankton and influence the carbon cycle by sequestering carbon dioxide from the air. They also thus shelter big animal such as Crabeater seals, as seen swimming in this photo

New York on the day after the rain. While taking this picture of New York reflected in the water, a puppy greeted the photographer out side the the famous Flatiron Building located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District neighbourhood in Manhattan 

A juvenile fish protecting himself inside a stinging box jellyfish. The photo was taken during a blackwater dive in the Lembeh strait, Indonesia.

The photographer waited for three weeks in their garden to snap this photograph of a squirrel nibbling on dandelions as a few of the seeds are scattered to the wind. Another squirrel hunches over next to its friend below the grass

A Great Grey Owl perches on a branch and stalks its prey by moonlight in Swedish photographer Jonas Classon’s Night Hunter photo, which won the animals and their environment category.

British photographer Ian Macnicol won the sports gong for Diogo Cancela, a stunning underwater image of the Portuguese athlete at an international para-swimming competition.

The photo shows a stream of bubbles erupting from his nose as he surges towards the camera while swimming through the pool.

Riccardo Marchegiani from Italy won the under 20 category with Utopia, a shot of a Baboon and its baby in Ethiopia, surrounded by lush green jungle and cloud-capped cliffs.      

The green train, commonly known as the ‘poverty alleviation train’, has greatly helped the local Yi ethnic people to trade agricultural products and thus help minority areas to get rid of poverty, in the extremely poor region of Liangshan in southwest China. In this photo on the train, a small herd of pigs run down the isle

A grizzly bear hunts fish in the rapids of a river. At this spot there is plenty of fish available and the grizzly bears enjoy feasting on the fish as they attempt to swim upstream – at their own peril

Riccardo Marchegiani from Italy won the under 20 category with Utopia, this shot of a Baboon and its baby in Ethiopia, surrounded by lush green jungle and cloud-capped cliffs

The Great Grey Owl (left) is well known for its extreme hunting skill. After working on a story about this owl for many weeks in a row, the photographer finally got a picture seconds before it attacked a vole under the full moon. Right Diogo Cancela of Portugal is seen during practice prior to day three of the British Para-Swimming International meeting at Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Scotland. A stream of bubbles erupts from his nose as he surges through the water

Luca Venturi, the founder and art director of the Siena Photo Festival, said: ‘A few years ago we started this adventure in order to bind a uniquely beautiful and historic city like Siena with a photo festival and contest: the Siena International Photo Awards.

‘In these six years our project has become, year by year, a highly anticipated event appreciated worldwide.

‘We are happy that our dream has been enthusiastically supported since the beginning, both by the local authorities in Siena and private partners, without whom we couldn’t have started this adventure.’  

Professional ice climber Will Gadd climbing on the remaining glacial ice on the crater of Mount Kilimanjaro. This ice wall is freestanding and looks like an iceberg emerging from the sand

Muslim women praying in Hamedan, Iran for Eid al-Fitr. The last day of Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims all over the word with special prayers and gatherings

An elephant reaches the tip of their trunk forward, scanning the area. This photo was taken from a photographic hide at ground level, allowing the photographer to get this unique angle. The herd of elephants were near a watering hole at sunset in Mashatu Reserve in Botswana. The temperatures soared above 122F (50°C)

A dolphin swims along-side a sperm whale with a damaged tail. Sometimes, very rarely, sperm whales allow you to be with them on days they socialise. It’s a unique experience and the key is not to disturb them to avoid any change in their behaviour

A diver equipped with lights in minus two degree Celsius water in East Greenland under the ice in a frozen fjord swimming around and underneath icebergs

Mandarinfish usually mate every afternoon during sunset in very shallow water. These two emerged from the coral reef in the clear water, when the female left her eggs and the male his sperm.

Only a single apartment’s windows are lit in Tsing Yi district, a densely populated area of Hong Kong, right before sunset. Over 75 percent of the district residents live in public housing

The name orangutan means ‘man of the forest’ in the Malay language. There are 3 varieties of Orangutan, the one in this picture is Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). Adult male orangutans can weigh up to 200 pounds. Flanged males have prominent cheek pads called flanges and a throat sac used to make loud verbalizations called long calls

A young baboon looks through a porthole in a photographic hide. He noticed the photographer moving around inside the hide and stopped to look, posing in a unique way

Nevigeser Wallfahrtsdom church has a truly unique architecture, with this concrete ceiling that seems to be an abstraction in reality. The church is a pilgrimage church and parish in Neviges, Germany

During a night storm, the lights of the skyscrapers of a Chinese metropolis seem to disappear in the presence of the imposing illumination of the sky radiated by a lightning

This image was taken on the steps of a Notting Hill house in London. The neighborhood comes alive every year for a colorful and joyful Notting Hill carnival

Amputated dancer Koichi Omae plants a hand-stand. Originally from Osaka, Omae was entering his career when he was in a car crash that at 23. He had his left leg amputated below the knee. With great willpower he decided to continue his career as a dancer, aware that without the limb

Indonesia’s Sumatran orangutan is under severe threat from the incessant and ongoing depletion of the rainforest. This series of photographs in the award’s storyboard category shows stories behind orangutan conservation efforts

As palm oil and rubber plantations, logging, road construction, mining, hunting and other development continue to proliferate, orangutans are being wiped out as their habitats are destroyed

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