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Joel Guy Jr ‘stabbed his father 42 times, his mother 31 times’ in grisly 2016 killings, court hears


Forensic experts have revealed sickening details in the murder trial of Joel Guy Jr, the Louisiana man who allegedly stabbed his parents at least 30 times each, dismembered them, and tried to dissolve their remains in acid.

The 32-year-old’s trial continued for fourth day in Knoxville court on Thursday where the prosecution revealed gruesome details of the murders of his parents Joel Michael Guy Sr, 61, and Lisa Guy, 55, on November 28, 2016 in their Tennessee home.

Guy Jr was a reclusive on and off student at Louisiana State University at the time and his parents wanted to cut off his financial support. 

He had visited his family the weekend of the killings for what was supposed to be one last gathering at their home before they moved out.

The prosecution rested their case Thursday morning and the jury entered deliberations after Joel Guy Jr declined to testify in his own defense.

On Thursday the jury heard gruesome details of how Joey Guy Jry, 31, (pictured in court Thursday) allegedly stabbed his father 42 times, his mother 31 times then decapitated her on November 28, 2016 over Thanksgiving weekend in their Knoxville, Tennessee home

Guy Jr was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just days after the gruesome killings. He allegedly killed his parents because they wanted to cut off his financial support

The jury heard a continuation of forensic testimony on Thursday that revealed Joel Guy Sr was stabbed at least 42 times and his wife at least 31 times, both stabbed in the chest and back.

They suffered deep stab wounds to organs including the kidneys, liver, their lungs and their heart.

Dr. Amy Hawes, who performed autopsies on both of them, testified Thursday that the couple likely died within a ‘few seconds to a few minutes’ from dozens of stab wounds 

Guy Sr had his arms severed at the shoulder, legs at the him and his right foot cut off. 

Lisa Guy’s legs were cut off below the knee and her arms, at the shoulder and nine of her ribs were severed.

Dr. Amy Hawes, who performed autopsies on both of them, testified they likely died within a ‘few seconds to a few minutes’, according to WBIR.

Once they were dead their arms and legs were cut off and Lisa Guy’s head decapitated.

Those body parts were then placed in two blue tote tubs found on plastic sheeting on the floor of the master bathroom in the upstairs of the family’s Goldenview Lane home in Knoxville.

It appeared that the body parts were immersed in corrosive chemicals such as sewer line cleaner to dissolve their flesh.

One of the knives used in the double homicide is seen in a master bathroom sink in this screenshot from a police walk-through video 

The male victim’s clothes are pictured resting next to a pair of knives in the room 

A stockpot containing Lisa Guy’s severed head is seen boiling on the stove after her murder

Two plastic containers are pictured inside the home of Joel Guy Sr and Lisa Guy in Tennessee containing the couple’s partially liquifed remains 

Hawes revealed that Joel Guy Sr’s head had been reduced to a skeleton due to the chemicals and flesh and melted off his and his wife’s front torsos.

Guy Sr’s cut off hands were discovered on the floor of his exercise room and his wife’s head in a pot of liquid found boiled on the kitchen stove.

On Tuesday jurors heard how Guy Jr had allegedly made meticulous notes about how he would slaughter and dispose of his victims.

‘Douse killing rooms (kitchen?) with bleach,’ one of the bullet points discovered in the notebook reads. ‘Flush chunks down toilet, not garbage disposal … don’t have to get rid of body if no forensic evidence.’

Aligning with the police’s theory that Guy Sr died first, the notes read ‘kill him with the knife… clean up mess from him before she get home.’

The corresponding bullet point reads ‘kill her with a knife’, before instructions to place ‘her’ – to which the police interpret to be Lisa Guy – in the shower and ‘turn on hot water and point at her to get rid of forensics’.

The notebook was reportedly found in a backpack in the guest bedroom where Guy Jr. had 

Prosecutors reiterated in closing arguments Thursday the notebook scrawled with instructions on how to murder the Guys and evidence showed Guy Jr followed those instructions in the murders, as per WVLT.

The notes said ‘turn heater as high as it goes to speed decomposition,’ and prosecutors noted that the thermostat in the house was turned to 90 degrees.

Deputies performed a welfare check entered the Guys’ home in West Knox County, Tennessee, on November 28, 2016, and discovered body parts strewn throughout 

On Tuesday jurors heard how Guy Jr had allegedly made meticulous notes about how he would slaughter and dispose of his victims. This page in the notebook said: ‘Get Knives – quite – multiple. Get carving knives to make small pieces. Get sledgehammer – crush bones’

Another page shows details of the ‘assets’ belonging to Lisa Guy including a $500,000 life insurance policy that lists Guy Jr as a beneficiary

However, the defense argued that no DNA or fingerprints were found on the pages of the notebook and suggested that It may not belong to Guy Jr.

Prosecutors said that the writing contained information only Guy Jr would know, such as details of his mother’s life insurance policy.

One page shows details of the ‘assets’ belonging to Lisa Guy including a $500,000 life insurance policy that lists Guy Jr as a beneficiary.

‘$500,000 would be all mine,’ the page read. ‘With him missing/dead, I get the whole thing.’

According to the prosecution, Guy Jr’s motive for the savage double homicide was financial because his parents had been planning to stop giving him money.

Guy was reportedly studying to be a plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and had been in college for nine years while his parents supported him.

The couple, who both worked as engineers, were ready to retire and stop providing him with assistance.

Joel Guy Jr. is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of felony murder, and two counts of abuse of a corpse.

Over the course of the four-day trial 27 witnesses were called to testify in the case and hundreds of exhibits were shown to the jury.

In the state of Tennessee, a conviction on first-degree murder charges triggers automatic sentencing of life in prison for each count.

At the start of the trial guy Jr said he didn’t want a lawyer and wanted the death penalty. The state, however, is not seeking the death penalty.

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